Yoni & Geti (Yoni Wolf of Why? and Serengeti) Share New Track “Madeline”

March 31, 2016



Yoni & Geti
(Yoni Wolf of Why? and Serengeti)
Share New Track “Madeline” via Noisey

Testarossa Out May 6th on Joyful Noise


Yoni Wolf of WHY? and Chicago’s Serengeti have teamed up for Testarossa, out May 6th on Joyful Noise. The album tells the story of star-crossed lovers Maddy and Davy, whose relationship crumbles as Davy struggles to keep his music career afloat.

The duo share Testarossa track “Madeline,” a shimmering, melancholic cut that finds Wolf on lead vocal duty.

You can stream the track where it premiered with Noisey or below-


Soundtracking a script that Yoni & Serengeti wrote while on tour together, Testarossacaptures the emotional turbulence that Maddy & Davy endure as their relationship and lives slowly decay. It all begins with a pregnancy, a proposal, and a lovely, traditional wedding before Davy hits the road with his band. Though their popularity fades, Davy never gives up on music; it’s the only way he knows how to pay the bills and process his pain. As he continues to tour the world, Maddy is forced to take a job as a cocktail waitress back home, and eventually takes solace in the arms of Davy’s old high school best friend and ex-bandmate.

There’s an undercurrent of sadness and regret, sin and repentance, and the juxtaposition of bleak reality, the surreal, and dark humour.  It’s the sound of wrong decisions, willful destruction, and crooked twists of fate; a high-concept examination of lives crumbling.

It’s currently available for pre-order on CD, and on bone or black vinyl

Testarossa Track List
1. Umar Rashid
2. Allegheny
3. Madeline
4. Frank
5. Lunchline
6. Change
7. Wassup (Uh Huh)
8. Lucky Town
9. What A Fool
10. Simone
11. Down
12. The Lore
13. I, Testarossa
14. Simple & Sweet

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