SKATING POLLY flaunt their heavy side with new video for ‘Hey Sweet’

March 31, 2016




With their new album ‘The Big Fit’ set for release next Friday April 8th via their own label Chap Stereo,Skating Polly let rip with a new video for the record’s heaviest track, “Hey Sweet”.

Bouncing riffs collide as step-sisters Peyton Bighorse and Kelli Mayo yelp & snarl through 3 minutes of raw & exhilarating catharsis, accompanied by a suitably uninhibited video directed by Dave Smith.

‘The Big Fit’ is streaming in full over at She Shreds now.  Kelli has also just been confirmed to star in new US TV show ‘When The Street Lights Go On’.

Last year, Skating Polly toured the UK for the first time, supporting Babes in Toyland on their reunion shows. During the last show of the tour in Glasgow, Kelli “did a Dave Grohl” when she tripped, dislocating her knee & tearing a ligament. Unfazed & in true rock’n’roll spirit, she continued the rest of the set sitting down.

One year (and months of physio) later, the duo -who have been making music together for 6 years (since they were 9 and 14 years old)-  prepare for their first UK album release.

The Big Fit, is their most fully realized collection of head-bopping, not quite sugar-sweet pop music infused with visceral, distortion-drenched punk sounds. It’s raw, infectious and inciting. It’s real.

Their songs fluctuate in tone and intensity; a whisper, a scream, a piano ballad right next to a punk punch in the throat.  It’s all very “ugly pop,” as they like to point out.

“I love singing, and it’s really all I ever wanted to do,” explains Mayo.  “One day, I realized I could make up my own songs and then discovered it was easy enough to make a sound with an instrument – even if I didn’t know exactly how to play it.  Peyton had always wanted to be in a band.  I love and respect her and don’t have such a connection with anyone else on the planet.  Since she was my best friend in the world, it seemed like a fun experiment we should do together.”

It’s been six years since their first living room recordings back in their hometown of Oklahoma. Since then and the band have relocated to Tacoma WA, near Seattle, and have shared stages with the likes of Kate Nash, Babes In Toyland, The Flaming Lips, L7, Wavves, Deerhoof and turned many of their heroes into vocal fans. They’re even the subject of an upcoming documentary directed by Henry Mortensen (son of Viggo Mortensen and Exene Cervenka). What’s the fuss about? Mayo sums it up: “I think people can tell we’re pretty authentic. People can tell when songs don’t mean it, no matter what the song’s about. We try to be ourselves…and to make everything catchy.”

Produced by Kliph Scurlock (Gruff Rhys, Flaming Lips), The Big Fit is scheduled for UK release on April 8th and US release on March 25, 2016, through Chap Stereo.

The Big Fit tracklist:

1. Oddie Moore
2. Perfume for Now
3. Pretective Boy
4. Cosmetic Skull
5. Nothing More
6. Hey Sweet
7. Morning Dew
8. Arms & Opinions
9. For the View
10. Stop Digging
11. Across the Caves
12. Picker of His Words


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