Museyroom Stream “Pearly Whites” LP Ahead Of Release

March 22, 2016
Ricardo Nelson

Ricardo Nelson


Museyroom Stream “Pearly Whites” LP via IMPOSE

“Pearly Whites” Due Friday, March 25th on Grind Select

“Museyroom immerses listeners in otherworldly soundscapes with undulating harmonies blanketing punchy drum lines.” – SPIN

“listening to Museyroom is an immediately captivating, immersive experience” – IMPOSE

“Imagine Merriweather Post Pavilion–era Animal Collective trying to recreate their original campfire vibes. The band calls what they do “future nostalgia,” and it seems like an apt descriptor” – FLOOD Magazine

“a buoyant form of acoustic psych-pop that nudges the sounds of Vampire Weekend and Animal Collective in a rootsy direction while maintaining a bright sonic sheen.” – Streeogum

East Coast psych pop trio Museyroom are excited to share Pearly Whites, the band’s full length debut album via Impose Magazine ahead of the record’s release this Friday, March 25th on Grind Select. After sharing singles and videos with Spin, Flood Magazine, Stereogum, and Paste Magazine, the band have unveiled their stunning new album in full, the way it’s truly meant to be experienced.

Speaking about the record, Impose’s Amelia Pitcherella said, “Pearly Whites is dazzling and remarkably polished—well worth the years of work leading up to its release. Museyroom have employed just about every instrument imaginable to create a field of lush and clear sounds, including the occasional field recordings of chirping birds and ocean waves.”


04/08 – Brooklyn, NY @ Palisades (LP RELEASE SHOW) w/ Gemma, The Gradients & Hank May


Museyroom’s beginnings can be traced back to 2003, when guitarist and singer, Jack Donovan, and multi-instrumentalist, Ben Cohen, began to write and record their own songs. Working in Ben’s basement, they developed intricately layered pop songs on a four-track tape recorder using an old Casio keyboard, a tenor saxophone, and an acoustic guitar. The two bonded over influences ranging from The Strokes to Bob Dylan to John Coltrane, resulting in a musical eclecticism that is reflected in Ben and Jack’s earliest songs, which combine narrative-based lyrics with complex and nuanced melodies.

After playing together in a series of bands, they met drummer Matt Coppola, and together formed what would become Museyroom—a name derived from James Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake, which references a sort of alternate dimension that the group would soon create with its musical output, sonically mirroring an unexplored, variable universe.

Their first release, a self-titled EP, was recorded over the course of a week in the summer of 2009 with singer Luke Rathborne at Williamsburg’s Motel Studios. With the inspired addition of a Wurlitzer found on the sidewalk and a stripped down drum kit—the kick turned on its side and played like a floor tom—the suite of four songs is a lo-fi snapshot of the band’s sample-filled live set at the time.

Over the past few years, the three musicians have been holed up in the studio, painstakingly capturing the breadth of their imagination in the form of a pop song. Blending delicate impressionist-inspired melodies with the rhythmic sensibilities of hip-hop, Museyroom’s forthcoming album, Pearly Whites, is a dense and ambitious work of rare quality.

The threesome developed the songs on Pearly Whites over a three-year period while each was living in a different city. The challenge of that geographical separation aroused feelings of nostalgia and idealization, which seeped their way into the lyrics and sounds of the album. As a result, the record flows with intimacy and emotion juxtaposed with challenging rhythms and electronic soundscapes, making it a truly original experience that fully propels the listener into the Museyroom.

Pearly Whites
Grind Select

March 25, 2016

1. Pearly Whites
2. Three Stones
3. Ballad (Music Video)
4. Ranges
5. Sleeper
6. Siren
7. Siren End
8. It Won’t Change Now
9. Junkyard

Museyroom Links:
Official Website
Grind Select

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