Two Inch Astronaut Share “Andy’s Progress Report” via Noisey

January 31, 2016

Two Inch Astronaut Share “Andy’s Progress Report” withNoisey

Personal Life LP Due Out February 5th via Exploding In Sound

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Two Inch Astronaut are sharing “Andy’s Progress Report,” the third single from their upcoming album, Personal Life. An incredible song in its own right, “Andy’s Progress Report” marks an extra exciting moment in the band’s constant progression as the first Two Inch Astronaut song to feature the band’s new bassist Andy Chervenak (of the mostly defunct Grass Is Green) on lead vocals and gorgeous cello accompaniment from drummerMatt Gatwood. The record, produced by none other than J. Robbins, finds Two Inch Astronaut expanding on their sound in directions both poppier and more abrasive. The slow winding bliss of “Andy’s Progress Report” offers a welcome change of texture, building an enormous crescendo and further pushing the Two Inch Astronaut envelope into new “spacier” territory reminiscent of Pinback or Failure at their loosest. Speaking about the song, Rosenberg shared:

“Andy sings this song in its entirety, and it features a healthy amount of cello. Matt and I think it is the coolest and most different thing we’ve done. The title is sort of a sendup of the song titles on Grass is Green’s (Andy’s other band) Ronson album, although Andy does deal with actual progress reports at work.”

Due out on February 5th via Exploding In Sound Records, Noisey shared “Andy’s Progress Report” noting the single’s “cello-fueled, slow building and knotty sprawl” and calling the album “a rager for riff-centric brainiacs.”


Two Inch Astronaut has been playing in one configuration or another since 2009, though founding members Matt Gatwood and Sam Rosenberg’s musical relationship dates back to the early 2000’s. Beginning as an acoustic and cello driven side project, they quickly evolved (or backslid) into making rock music as a trio. After two well received full lengths released on Exploding in Sound Records, the Wheaton, MD based trio parted ways with original bassist Daniel Pouridas and were joined by Andy Chervenak of Grass is Green (members of which went on to be in bands such as Empress of, Speedy Ortiz, and Palehound). After a few shorter stints in the U.S. and an extensive European tour supporting La Dispute, the band began writing what would become Personal Life.

Running on the apparent synergy of the new lineup, Two Inch Astronaut quickly wrote a number of songs, some of which were conceived entirely in the practice space together with little in the way of verbal direction. The album was recorded by one of the band’s influences, J. Robbins (Jawbox, Burning Airlines, Channels), at the Magpie Cage in Baltimore, Maryland. The result is their most varied, honest, and honed collection of songs to date, presented with leaner and tougher production than any of their previous efforts.

Two Inch Astronaut sounds as unpredictable and polished as ever. “Good Behavior” leads the record with a snappy, twisted pop song. Sam Rosenberg’s knotty guitar work continues to evolve, as a Pixies-like sense of melody lurks the background, and he works nicely in tandem with new member Andy Chervenak (Grass Is Green), the bassist and co-vocalist who’s boosted the musicianship of the already talented trio.” – NPR Music

it encapsulates all of the band’s most contradictory — and thus, most interesting — qualities. The song is by turns poppy and abrasive, with twitching guitar riffs giving way to frontman Sam Rosenberg’s supercharged vocal melodies.” – Consequence of Sound

Personal Life
Exploding In Sound Records

February 5, 2016

1. Good Behavior
2. Sexual Prince of the Universe
3. At Risk Student
4. Submission
5. A Happy Song
6. Personal Life
7. Topper Shutt
8. Andy’s Progress Report
9. Good Companion
10. Woodstock ’99

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