December 16, 2015



The North of England music scene is at it’s best in this track with production duo Sticky Blood from Sheffield who are joined by a Steel City MC Coco and Nottingham’s Snowy. The video for ‘One Bar In’ which premiered on GRM Daily is cold, gritty and fast-paced just like the production.

Sticky Blood are are turning all of the right heads with their recent avalanche of music; from Mistajam, Toddla T, Monki and Annie Nightingale to Clash, Red Bull and Complex, Sticky Blood are picking up some big fans and their new E.P reveals exactly why they’re such a big deal.

Having recently announced the release of ‘Blood Is Stickier Than Water’, which was written and recorded at the Red Bull Studios, London, the Sheffield duo dropped introductory track ‘Balance’, a somewhat elegant and beautifully crafted track that is doused in a deep bass beat and features an equally enchanting video:

In stark contrast, the second track to be revealed is ‘One Bar In’. Featuring Coco and Snowy, both of which have recently been named by Complex as 2 of the ’15 Grime MC’s Outside of London That You Need To Know Today’(, the track is distorted grime; hecticbars with a menacing beat that draws on the sounds of the legendary beats from the likes of Wiley combined with futuristic hitmakers such as Hudson Mohawke.

In an obscure way, the tracks fit impressively well together. Sticky Blood have honed a sound that is specific to them, giving fluidity to the E.P married with clear definition between tracks, it’s unique and deliberate. Inspired by the sound that began to grow in the debut EP “I.D”, Andy Nicholson & Jamie Shield maintained focus on exercising fresh ideas for song structures; taking grime to 155bpm, encouraging MCs to explore ideas from a Grime mind-set and apply it to a faster wonkier reality, taking RnB singers and applying their sonics to luscious future pop style sounds, twisting indie influence songs to become explorative electronica. This body of work is an example of how taking a few wrong turns can lead to a place you’ve never been before, while remaining sure of where you came from. Lending the vocals of artists such as Tom Prior & Terri Walker across to abrasive lyricists Coco and Snowy, the sounds feel relevant yet refreshing, at times intentionally obnoxious and intrusive, but coherent and confident.


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