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August 13, 2015



When you hear the name ArcTanGent, you don’t need an introduction.  If you’re crazy for math-rock, post-rock, noise, experimental music and basically anything slightly out of the ordinary- then this respected festival is for you.

If you speak to any touring band, any established label, any music loving individual at any live show, you are guaranteed to talk about and asked if you’re attending this year’s ArcTanGent. The smaller sister festival of the equally renowned 2000 trees, and remarkably only in it’s third year, ArcTanGent festival lives up to it’s own legacy. It’s not just a weekend of incredible music they provide but they’ve curated their own solid music community, their own festival hub. The perfect combination of the best music and the best like- minded attendees.

The monumental line up features the likes of  Cult of Luna, Mylets, LITE, CHON, pg.lost, ToundraDillinger Escape Plan, Deafheaven ,The Fall of Troy, 65daysofstatic, OHHMS, Alright The Captain, Cleft, Talons,  Polymath, Deerhoof, Blanck Mass, Helms Alee, Mutiny On The Bounty, Delta Sleep, Axes, The Fierce & the Dead, Quadrupede,  Emma Ruth Rundle, Lambhorn, Juffage, Bodyhound and many many more.

Now, just 7 days left until years colossal weekend kicks off at Fernhill Farm, it’s time for the fun to begin. For the next week we will continue our 5 minute special with a handful of talented and unique acts playing this years line up; to find out why ArcTanGent is special to them and who those other acts are that they’re desperate to see perform.

Owain Jones

Owain Jones

Continuing our 5 minute special we had the pleasure in chatting to one of Bristol’s best live bands- the enigmatic trio Memory Of Elephants Having only recently announced they will be performing again at this year’s festival we guarantee this act will unite the crowd- so make sure you see MoE live. Their set will be hardhitting, drowning in a high octane atmosphere that these three so easily create during each of their performances. The three thrive on the energy from themselves and more importantly their audience, so crowd participation is a must. Memory of Elephants impress any onlookers with their aggressively technical abilities and their dynamic orchestrations.

You’re playing this years ArcTanGent- How excited are you?

Very excited! Although probably more excited just to see all our mates again to be honest. ArcTanGent has become THE place for all us weird and like minded musicians to meet up again and get silly in a field after a year of touring/writing/recording/whatever. It’s kinda like Christmas or New Year’s.

What stage are you playing and what can we look forward to from your live set?

We’re playing on the PX3 on Thursday at 17:15 as part of the BBC Introducing take over. We were very lucky to be asked by Sam and Richard at the BBC to get involved, we’re all feeling very grateful. We don’t really know what to expect to be honest! I know we’re doing an interview and playing a few songs but that’s about it – we’ll probably just take the piss out of our drummer, Sam…that’s what we always do!

Which acts are you desperate to see perform and why?

All the amazing people we’ve met over the past few years: Alright the Captain (fuck Deafheaven), Lambhorn, DOWNARD, Alpha Male Tea Party, Quadrilles, Cleft, Dela Sleep and Vasa – and then Vessels….fucking Vessels!

Why is ArcTanGent special to you?

Well we were actually the first band to ever play the festival – which is pretty cool – and this year will be the third time we’ve played so I guess we feel like we’ve grown up with it (in both maturity and musicality). And the crowd is amazing. Everyone is there to listen to the music, first and foremost, and that’s kind of a dying ethic these days.

Give us some festival advice-what do we need to bring with us for this weekend? Do we need to prepare ourselves!

Well, there’s two sides to this coin I suppose: the sensible side and the reckless. For ArcTanGent you need to bring your well rehearsed dance moves (dancing to math-rock is hard, it’s much easier if you know the section changes and all that jazz)…..that’s the boring, sensible side…and then there’s K cider….LOTS and lots of K cider…

Editors note: Thank you Toby for spending some time with us on behalf of Memory of Elephants! See you down on the farm shortly for a K!

Keep an eye out for a few more artist interviews to follow but now we are in the final countdown, what are you waiting for, get that tent by the door ready for your weekend escape, put on a special tangent playlist and get ready to enjoy this years arc!


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