NUGGET release their five-track EP ‘Watercolour’

June 12, 2015


Breathtakingly gifted power-fusion trio NUGGET release their five-track EP ‘Watercolour’ – a progressive and pioneering collection of rock, soul and funk reinvention – on July 13

“It bubbles like a spicy gumbo in a bucket… a thrilling spurt of acidic jazzy rock”
Raw Ramp

“A hugely enjoyable ride through a psychic, highly layered and energetic soundscape”
The AU Review


About the ‘Watercolour’ EP

If Nugget’s compositions are audio interpretations of the visual, then ‘Watercolour’ is sonic fine art. In addition to the bleeding-edge angular funk of ‘Cheese Meister’ – which traverses time signatures within a delicious groove – the EP features four further masterpieces. It kicks of with the sleek and nonchalant ‘Nugget Jr’, which, coming on like a feline stretching its lithe form at the start of a new day, has a zany six-string refrain that’s wired to the dancefloor. ‘Fairfax Pickup’ has a bulkier, taut vibe, its air of urban tension engendered by it scoring the band’s cumbersome journey to rehearsal on a north London bus. ‘BadBoy.0’ is a richly evocative tribute to guitarist Julien’s brother Jascha who, if the swaggering funky breaks and ferociously singular solos are anything to go by, must be a real badass. Finally, ‘Two’s A Crowd’, bookended by precise percussion that approximates the track’s astral melody, is a metric and harmonic portrait of social dynamics.

The tracklisting for ‘Watercolour’ is as follows:

1) Nugget Jr

2) Fairfax Pickup

3) BadBoy.0

4) Cheese Meister

5) Two’s A Crowd


About Nugget

Nugget were formed in London in late 2013 by three virtuoso players, all strikingly young despite their experience, who create an idiosyncratic collage of original jazz-fusion and thrilling math-rock. An assemblage of genuine masters of their instruments, who together convey a seemingly psychic comradery, Nugget are prodigious Toronto-born guitarist and producer Julien Baraness, a graduate of Boston’s famed Berklee College of Music; Italian bass instructor Alex Lofoco, who studied at the London Tech; and fellow alumnus, drummer Jamie Murray, who, when not on Nugget duty, serves as a session sticksman at several London studios. The trio’s tunes are technically flawless but always appealing, displaying dynamic and structural clarity while mashing elements of metal, reggae, hip-hop and drum’n’bass. Jaw-dropping to experience live, Nugget have garnered rapturous acclaim at shows in London and the South of France, received endorsements from various pro-audio companies and now, with the release of their debut five-track EP, are ready to commence total cross-pollination of music’s most enduring genres.

See Nugget live:

Tuesday 14 July – Servant Jazz Quarters, London N16 (Official EP Launch)

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