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Lost Tuesday Society Release New Single & Video “Lights” & Announce New Album “Bee Skin Rug”

October 2, 2021

Lost Tuesday Society Release New Single & Video “Lights”

& Announce New Album “Bee Skin Rug” out 22nd October 2021

Lost Tuesday Society are Jay Browning (bass) Alfie Scheinman (guitar, flute, vocals) Sarah Birch (guitar, vocals) Darran Browning (guitar, vocals) Simon Jones (drums) Kate Ronconi (violin, vocals). Lost Tuesday Society are a 6 piece band that have collectively come from a variety of differing musical backgrounds and therefore bring with them a range of personal influences; from traditional and alternative folk, grunge and shoe-gaze, funk, psychedelia and rock.

The result is described as a unique blend of music with intricate compositions, strong hooks and melody lines combining in a huge dynamic sound that has people up on their feet.

With four vocalists (Sarah, Kate, Darran and Alfie) in the band the harmonies are interesting, beautiful and an important element to the Lost Tuesday Society sound. With a heavier back line and driving rhythm section ( Jay and Simon) and two accomplished guitarists (in Alfie and Darran) the new material presented this month has a maturity and edge which is beautifully enhanced by weaving strings (Kate),flute(Alfie) and melodica (Sarah).

The creative collective kicked off Autumn with the new single and accompanying video, discover “Lights” below:

This compelling creation will capture your attention whilst allowing the listener to embark on this mighty voyage. The ensemble starts with the introduction to the impressionable vocal melodies which unite and join the immersive and complex ambiance.

“Light” triumphantly starts with acapella vocal tones colliding and delivering this raw edge to the intimate lyrics, the guitar soon emerges alongside the singing part and gallantly sweeps into focus showcasing its vibrant tone which strolls into the atmosphere with this upbeat attribute and a real freeing formation hanging on the riffs that are in tow. Bouyant bass notes bring this intricate depth to the low-end as the violin soon injects this sharper tonality against the punchy drum shuffles and cymbal hits. The unison of each musician coming together to bring this creative energy into the vision ultimately becomes the biggest draw for this release.

Lost Tuesday Society shares their world equally with each musician who has enough space to allow their talent to shine, when they come together and use their power to manipulate the intensity of the arrangement, that distinct energy adds this alluring entity and expressive enrichment to the composition.

The dreamy vocal harmonies soar amongst this audacious landscape, this bright infliction oozes from the aggressive strings. When the flute then breaks out as the track hurtles towards its cathartic ending, the flute and hooks you into its coarse direction. The placement of this instrument dynamically shifts the intensity and adds further depth to the breakdown.

Save the single- https://ditto.fm/lights-lost-tuesday-society

The band have announced details of their forthcoming album “Bee Skin Rug” the forthcoming record is described as a far cry from the gentle musings of the first one.

‘Devil in a B and B’ was the first single from the album. Accompanied by the usual self made video. This one was filmed in The Elysium Gallery in Swansea with a ‘talent show’ theme and a queue of volunteers. It is a small taster of the album’s direction and is perhaps the most playful and surreal. ‘Lights’ is the second track to be taken from the new release and brings this essence of joy to their track which any listener can absorb.

The new album was recorded and produced by Joe Gibb (David Bowie, The Kinks, Catatonia, Leftfield, Moulettes) at Mwnci Studios (Joe also produced the first self titled album). Joe is basically the 7th band member;  knowing the sound and songwriting so well and understanding it. The whole bands efforts and Joe Gibb’s production and input has been a huge part of the writing process and the band are hugely proud and excited about people hearing this album.


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