ADWAITH share new Double A-Side single Orange Sofa / Byd Ffug, due 22nd November via Libertino Records

November 18, 2019
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Share Double A-Side single
‘Orange Sofa / Byd Ffug’

Debut album ‘Melyn’ nominated for Welsh Music Prize 2019

South Wales trio Adwaith have shared their 2nd Double A-Side single in as many months, entitled ‘Orange Sofa / Byd Ffug’, as they hurtle towards the end of frantic 14 months that has seen their ambitious debut album ‘Melyn’ recently tipped for the Welsh Music Prize 2019.

Flowing off the back of September’s brash technicolour Double A-Side ‘Wine time / Hey’, these two latest cuts highlight a band fully immersed in their creative environment, emerging from the rural tranquility of Taliaris, Carmarthenshire with a suite of blustery autumnal anthems that leaves the listener already anticipating a future follow up album to ‘Melyn’ with giddy, baited breath.

Holly Singer states that “‘Orange Sofa‘ is about the feeling of being stuck in your hometown at a dead end. We wrote it sat on the orange sofa in Heledd’s house where we have been practising for the past 4 years, so we gave the song this self reflective title.”

Of ‘Byd Ffug‘, which translates as ‘False World’, Gwenllian Anthony says “The inspiration behind it was our jams, experimenting with different sounds/pedals and genres. We wanted to create something fun that you could dance too.”

While Hollie adds “It’s basically a middle finger to people who mug you off and take advantage of your kindness”.

Live Dates:
Friday 13th December – Plan B, Caerfyrddin/Carmarthen
January 10th – 12th – Rockaway Beach 2020, Butlin’s Bognor Regis

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