Suis La Lune Original Line-up To Release New EP titled ‘Distance / Closure’ on July 31 via Topshelf Records

May 27, 2015
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Suis La Lune Original Line-up To Release New EP titled ‘Distance / Closure’ on July 31 via Topshelf Records; Tracklisting & Cover Art Announced; More Details Coming Soon


On November 15, 2014 Swedish screamo four-piece Suis La Lune went back into the studio to begin recording a new 4 track EP for release next year. The band headed into Henning’s (guitarist/vocalist) basement to record the new material. Now the new EP titled ‘Distance / Closure’ is set for release on July 31. The EP will feature all of the original members of the band with the only change being a role swap between guitarist Karl Sladö and drummer Daniel Pettersson.

The band have now also shared the cover art and tracklisting for the forthcoming release (see below):


1. Different Perspectives

2. Endless Cycle

3. Better Parts

4. Within

Suis La Lune recorded the material themselves, Sladö says, “The recording clocks in at around 25 minutes. The songs are a tad more technical and a bit longer, there’s a lot of stuff going on for sure.

In the past Suis La Lune have been heralded for their own flavor of classic (late-90s) style screamo by combining post-rock-esque instrumentation and tender melodies with passionately frantic vocals and lyrics. The new material is said to have “a darker, harder sound”, however Sladö assures that “Suis La Lune still sounds like Suis La Lune”.

With this new EP, which follows up their incredibly accomplished release ‘Riala’(2012), it’s likely that the band’s dedicated and patient fan base (built from extensive touring in the UK, EU and US), will be eagerly waiting to hear what comes next, as the band step out of hibernation for another bout.


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