Heart/Dancer Reveal New Single “Outro”

May 27, 2015




(Sommarhjärta Label )


 “At first I thought that Heart/Dancer was just a name that was rather difficult to Google, but it seems that this Swedish act are just so bloomin’ fresh and new that there’s not too much of a back story to give you… and that makes them a very exciting, and unknown, prospect.” (Jajaja Music)

“If you need your weekly dose of dream-pop, look to Sweden’s new duo Heart/Dancer for your fulfillment, because with their recently released track, “Waterfalls”, you’re going to be absolutely satisfied.” (Hillydilly)

 Looking for the next big dream pop act to come out of Sweden?  Look no further than Heart/Dancer.  Linnéa Atieno and Joakim Buddee, who make up both halves of Heart/Dancer, only signed for Swedish label Sommarhjärta last year but the electronica pop duo already have an exhilarating year ahead of them with a seven date European tour followed by the highly anticipated release of their debut single ‘Outro’ on June 15th 2015.  

‘Outro’ has that whimsical, dreamy sound that is the perfect gift to lazy summer days.  The combination of joyful electronic riffs, Atieno’s mesmerising vocals in the style of Of Monsters and Men’s Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir, and Buddee’s gentle tone with a hint of José González that just warms your soul. The style itself resembles the straight-forwardness of Chairlift.

In a recent interview with Poule d’Or, the duo were asked about what inspired their music: “Mostly it’s about strong emotions that we want to translate to music. A lot of times we’re inspired of other people’s songs, we listen a lot to all sorts of music. But that’s emotions too, everything is carrying some sort of feeling. It’s all about finding the right ones and expressing that in the right way.”

‘Outro’ out on June 15th 2015 is taken from their debut album ‘My Heart is a Dancer’ which will be released later this year. 



11.06 FR Paris, Le Nuba

05.07 Uk, The Lock Tavern 

10.07 Uk , Kopparberg Urban Forest, London w/ Citizens

31.07 SE, Rotundan Cafè , Halmstad




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