Turn To Crime Stream new album ‘Actions’ Out Now via Mugg & Bopp

April 28, 2015
Alejandra Joffroy

Alejandra Joffroy

Turn To Crime
Stream new album ‘Actions’
Out 27th April via Mugg & Bopp

“An uplifting mix of Krautrock, playful synths and candy-pop hooks; Turn To Crime sound like an experiment gone awry in a toy factory…this Detroit DIY trio will crack smiles” NME
“Intense euphoria with repetition, minimalist structures, and enormous hooks” The Line of Best Fit
“As noisy and gnarly as it is uncannily appealing” The 405
“It’s bittersweet joy is something to behold” Clash
“This is record-clerk pop-rock of the highest order — skuzzy, wobbly singer-songwriter ditties and krautrock jams indebted to Lou Reed, Jim O’Rourke, and a legion of wizened post-punks” Stereogum
“Imagine a ’50s beach party that time warps to the future” SPIN
It sounds like it’s from another time, rollicking along somewhere between doo-wop and greasy drifter-rock with a swaying, offbeat sunniness” The Fader
“Kosmische, post-punk and lo-fi electronic noise” Uncut

Ahead of its release next week, Turn To Crime are streaming their new album ‘Actions’.

The follow up to last year’s critically acclaimed debut Can’t Love, is released on 27th April on frontman Derek Stanton’s label Mugg & Bopp.

The new album was recorded over the past year in his basement studio in Detroit’s Southwest, Molten Sound. The band exists within its own pocket universe amid the Detroit music scene. Whereas some are beholden to the almost institutional credo of “loud fast rules”, others subscribe to the orthodoxy of established local genres like techno or garage rock.

‘Without a Care’ bounds along in slow motion, taking in its metallic drums, intricate electronics and sweetly executed vocals. While ‘Actions’ straddles various genres, it takes the basic materials of a pop track and atomizes them. Unique guitar tunings bump up against minimal electronics while sweetly sung harmonies ricochet in caverns of tape decay.

‘Prince of Slackers’ bops along with a raw beat, carried along by the scuzzy riff and the D.I.Y ethos at its core. While, ‘Feels Right’ creeps along before epically unraveling with sawing synths and skyscraping guitars, as if it’s closing a wrongfully forgotten 1980’s film.

The sole project of Stanton, he has a willing retinue, who share his same passion for music, including local musicians Ian Saylor and Dorian Foerg.

1. This Is What You Wanted, 2. Actions, 3. Prince Of Slackers, 4. Light, 5. Impatience, 6. Without A Care, 7. Feels Right

Mugg & Bopp

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