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IEatHeartAttacks- Hello Cole Porter EP Review | Simon Gore

April 6, 2015



Band: IEatHeartAttacks

EP: Hello Cole Porter

Written by Simon Gore

“Scandi-hardcore” is something of a fascinating phenomenon. Musicians express a particular attention to detail within the composition and production of their material, accompanied by a welcoming civility and universal respect within live environments. Drab, repetitive power chords and idle usage of Easy Drummer are just as absent as the barbaric, football hooligan mentality that riddles the UK hardcore scene.

In recent years, a new peak in this music has erupted within Norway. Memorable greats such as JR Ewing, Snöras and Sigh & Explode have paved the way for a new bloodline of bands. 2015 sees one of the most impressive Scandi-Hardcore releases yet. Hello Cole Porter by Norwegian trio IEatHeartAttacks is available for digital download as of 10/04/2015 through Diger Distro, a follow up from their 2012 EP, You Do Not Need Oxygen To Walk On This Fake Moon.

With gracious punk/post-hardcore resemblance to the late, great, The Ghost Of A Thousand from the UK, Atlanta’s ’68 or their fellow Norwegians, Despereaux, Hello Cole Porter is aggressive, brief and infectiously addictive. Staying true to their DIY soul, IEatHeartAttacks recorded this release in a “piss-stained rehearsal space” to be later mixed and mastered by Andreas Westhagen. In true Norwegian tradition, the production throughout is absolutely flawless.

Hello Cole Porter features everything you would expect from this band yet its arrangements remain unpredictable and infectiously catchy. Traditionally British oversaturated overdubs are replaced with an intense 3-way scream, melodic feedback and meteoric drums. The listener is left stunned, satisfactorily assaulted and craving more – a sonic experience that bares a true reflection of their outstanding live performance.


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