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Unwave- The Slow Reveal EP Review | Fergus Coates

March 1, 2015

a1500605501_2Unwave- The Slow Reveal

Released February 21st 2015- British Wildlife BW007

Fergus Coates

Lets get the genre check out the way first. Post-hardcore, Math-rock and Post-rock all make an appearance here on the new EP from Unwave, a three-piece band from Leeds who encompass all of the above.

The Slow Reveal is their second EP, and their first on British Wildlife who have in the past played host to fellow noise merchants Blacklisters and Super Luxury. Opening with a four minute instrumental this EP starts you off lightly, letting guitarist Matthew Bennett really show off his chops with some intricate looping before a wave of low end crashes into your face. There is an impressive variety and control of tone on display here, going from light and flickering to angle grinder in a heartbeat.

The EP really kicks off with second track Production Line, its rhythmic punctuated riffage cutting through the swathes of dirt and noise eventually descending into a cacophony of feedback, then straight into track three without a moments waste.

While None Of The Above could fool you into thinking your about to hear the often misplaces post-hardcore ballad it moves into an immensely satisfying, slow building mid section that might even put Thomas Eraks knickers in a twist.

Unwave find a little groove on closer Cold Funk, but things slowly and masterfully unravel towards one last killer wave of noise, ending things just as they came in.

Matthew Bennett has an understated ferocity to his vocals, kept low in the mix in somewhat signature Steve Albini fashion. This comparison could be drawn out further, there’s certainly a lot of Shellac to be found here as well as the rest of the 90’s pedigree. But while an educated guess could be made towards a list of influences, it would give the wrong impression that these are worn on the sleeve. Unwave certainly have their own character. Their tracks seem to move effortlessly and there’s a discordant looseness to them that I can only imagine is the result of the absolute counter, most likely meticulously written and practiced.

Return to that genre check, and if you like what you see Unwave are certainly worth a visit!

Listen to the album in full streaming below-

Words: Fergus Coates

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