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Nopes – Nectar Of The Dogs EP Review | Gavin Brown

July 14, 2015


Nectar Of The Dogs
If you like fuzzy, scuzzy and gnarly lo-fi upbeat hardcore punk played with reckless abandon then you can find it all here with Nopes new EP, the brilliantly titled Nectar Of The Dogs and if you do like all the aforementioned attributes in your music then you may have found your new favourite band too.
The band have the same energy as a lot of classic 80s hardcore bands (Jerrys Kids, JFA, Negative Approach etc) and have the same raw approach but it is done with fuzzier guitars and in a more upbeat style.

A frenetic guitar riff kicks off Matinee At Market the first track from Nectar Of The Dogs and this doesn’t let up until the song ends and indeed all the five tracks are finished. The energy on show here is infectious in a short sharp shock style with the five tracks clocking in at a mere nine minutes in true hardcore style.  The opening Matinee At Market flies by manically and has a great chant along feel (as well as a great solo) and leads nicely into the furious Homecoming, a brilliant minute and a half punk stomp. The raucous Backdoor Breakdown flies by in less than a minute and would definitely be one to slam on the dancefloor to!

   On Love Cycle (All Sales Final) the pace slows down a little and reminded me a little of  an even rawer My War era Black Flag and also strangely Magazine (albeit a faster version of Magazine despite it being slowed down compared to the other tracks on show) and things are rounded off with the upbeat blast of the anthemic Jingle Berries which Is the perfect way to finish the EP.

All in all, this is complete blast that you will want to listen to on repeat and if you like upbeat hardcore punk this will be the soundtrack to your summer for sure.
Nopes ‘Nectar Of The Dogs’ is out now via Magnetic Eye Records
Words: Gavin Brown
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