December 10, 2014


Unveils video for
Album – “The Mainframe” – out

Joker unveils the visually striking video for “Midnight”, the first from his upcoming album “The Mainframe”, which you can check out below (please be aware strobe lights etc are used in the film)

The Mainframe is the bold new vision from Joker, a conceptual piece produced as a cohesive body of work as opposed to a collection of standalone DJ weapons.

The sophomore LP from the man who spawned the electronic music sub-genre purple, which is now galvanised internationally with artists such as Flume, Ganz and Djemba Djemba all drawing inspiration from productions of the 26 year old Producer / DJ .

The Mainframe is a listening album as much as a dancefloor album it and hints at what a Joker produced mainstream artist album would sound like with moments like ‘Wise Enough’ feat Zak Abel, ‘Lucy’ feat Sam Frank and ‘Love’ which features, winner of Dutch X Factor, Rochelle.

Since releasing his last LP The Vision, Joker real name Liam Mclean has released a slew of productions to set the scene for this release including the Masato Nakamura inspired ‘Joker Drive’, Swindle collaboration ‘Let It Be Known’ and perhaps the biggest insight as to what to expect from this album, ‘Digital Mainframe’

The Mainframe is designed to play like a digital dream with each track bleeding into the next pulling the listener deeper into the imagination of the Bristolian futurist in similar fashion that Robin Wright is pulled into an acid trip world in the Ari Folman flick, The Congress.

“I want everybody to listen to it once from start to finish, in their whip, in their yard, in their studio, going for a run whatever… cos that’s how I intended to bring people into my world. After that pull it apart however you want, put specific tracks in your playlist that suit your mood, your lifestyle cool but this is my A/W 15 collection, take it in as a whole and you’ll be able to get more from the individual pieces” – Joker

In a world of increased immediacy the legitimacy of the album is being questioned in any domain that dinosaurs would consider mainstream or popular culture. Inversely, the internet and cheap travel is allowing underground communities and their ethics to penetrate and shape the mainstream more rapidly than ever before. Whilst the LP is still a valid format in the underground, The Mainframe provides a multicolour glimpse into the mind of Joker and future of modern pop music.

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