October 20, 2014


Music has always been a large part of Sirenas life. During her childhood, which was split between Stockholm and Barcelona, ​​she was encouraged to sing and play with her father who is a musician. Creative expression has always been there, and Sirena wrote poems, photographed, danced and sang in various choirs. But it took a spiritual awakening to Sirena would choose to fully focus on her music. The realization that we are free to do what we want with our lives led to Sirena to drop out of high school, and devote herself fully to music.
It was a few years of searching for their own artistic expression, a process that never really ends. After musical studies in Barcelona Sirena returned to Sweden with the objective to invest properly in the music. The meeting with Noonie Bao at a party with mutual friends in 2012 Sirena gave a new context, a team and above all a new mentor who shared her views on music and creativity.
– I can not think of anyone better to work with than Noonie Bao. She has been a role model for me. It’s great to work with a strong girl who is purposeful, we can support each other, which is very important in an industry that can be quite male-dominated. Above all, I get very inspired by her.
Sirena’s debut single “Love Is Not” was released in summer 2013, and since then she has been working on her own material, but also made ​​a lot of collaborations. In 2014, for example, we heard her as a vocalist and songwriter on the Style Of Eyes single “Louder” and along with Alesso at “Sweet Escape” which premiered at Ultra in Miami. Being involved in house project has been exciting for Sirena, who likes to make people dance and to hear her voice and the lyrics match with a production house. To have written a lot of others have also inspired and made ​​Sirena very psyched on their own thing.
– It suits me to work with different genres, I find it very difficult to think in locked compartments. For me it’s important to be playful, have fun, go on feel and be limitless.
A recurring theme at Sirena is just playfulness and limitlessness. She calls her music for spiritual pop, and interest in mysticism and spirituality permeates her artistry. The name Sirena means mermaid in Spanish, Sirena has always loved mermaids and felt a special attraction to the water, where the liquid that can not be captured. Mystery and life’s big questions have never scared Sirena, on the contrary, she has been attracted by the unknown.
– Many people may be afraid of the spiritual because it also is about to lose control. With my music I want to make people lose control and understand that we are all so much more than a square frame, you are more than a person with a name and age. I come in contact with my core through music, I fly away when I listen to songs and that’s why I want to make music himself. And music can really save lives.
For Sirena’s music a whole, and the music is closely related to other forms of art and expression. The texts are important, and Sirena can see their texts as paintings, descriptive and full of metaphors. When she writes the texts become happy for both colors and images in the imagination.
Sirena is now ready to release the single Chemicals from their forthcoming EP. Chemicals is an ambiguous song that is complemented by a somewhat trippy video. Image, color, design, music and message of harmony.

– Chemicals can be many things, there is room for interpretation. Maybe it is about to be full or high, but the chemicals are also society. Sometimes the husband cheated and happy, and it’s a little sad feeling, because there are behind longing, longing for something more, so we try to reach it via chemicals.

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