HAWKON Unveils ‘Dare To Follow Me’

October 7, 2014


Over the past few months Hawkon has garnered quite the reputation as an unabashed romantic.  Previous demos from late last year Burn Me Down and 1000 Questions,  and most recently the warm and hazy,  analogue wrapped ‘Touching Air’,  were un-pretenced declarations of love.  Now comes ‘Dare To Follow Me’,  a lush and soaring cosmic love song,  transcendent and otherworldly,  all anchored by Hawkon’s gentle falsetto and R&B harmonies.

The London based artist hails from Bergen where he grew up in a rich musical scene. He learnt the strings of making great pop music from friends that included members of Royksopp, Kings of Convenience and Annie.  Early demos caught the attention of Kindness studio collaborator Blue May, leading to the co-production of two and mix of all three tracks on the forthcoming EP ‘Dare To Follow’,  alongside long term studio partner Peter Jarrett.

With his debut EP ‘Dare To Follow’ coming soon and forthcoming collaborations with some of the most exciting and progressive producers around,  be sure to catch a rapidly ascendant star on the rise.

Listen to ‘Dare To Follow Me’ here –

Listen to ‘Touching Air’ here –

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