Red Seas Fire Unveil New Video

September 8, 2014


‘Compass’ Guides Red Seas Fire Into The Studio
-Bristol Progressive Metal Quartet Unveil New Video Single
-Band Enter Studio To Record Third EP Of Their Trilogy

UK progressive metal trio Red Seas Fire have unveiled their new video for track ‘Compass’, their most melodic track to date, as featured on their April release ‘Confrontation.’ You can view it here:

EP Confrontation was the second strike of the Bristolian’s sprawling creative vision, which will eventually be combined with its predecessor ‘Exposition’ and a third E.P ‘Resolution’ to create the band’s next full length. “This is the first set of music that we have all been truly satisfied with,” says vocalist Robin Adams.

The release of the new video marks the quartet entering the studio to record the final ‘Resolution’ installment, completing the Mise En Scène’ series. “We have set out to create an album’s worth of music that potentially feels like a continuous movement of music,” says Adams, who is joined in RSF by Pete Graves (guitars / electronics) and Jake Fogarty (drums); “The music for ‘Confrontation’, ‘Exposition’ and ‘Resolution’ was written to a theme, a narrative, so as to help give the songs a better sense of ebb and flow; they will eventually come to together to be released as a full album.”

Confidently straddling goliath grooves and layers of melody and sonic ambience, ‘Confrontation’ certainly lives up to its moniker, boasting some truly visceral riffing set against a soundscape of rolling groove and melodic peaks. “We feel that we have created our own brand of Heavy Metal,” says Adams. “It barrels out of the speakers to deliver an auditory experience ranging from terrifyingly ferocious riffs, to exhilarating melodic highs, and ‘Confrontation’ sees us well and truly get down to business.” We can only hope that ‘Resolution’ will contain more of the same.

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