Cave singles compilation, entitled Release, due on Drag City in October, European tour dates confirmed this September

August 14, 2014
photo by Frank Van Duerm, modified by Dan Osborn

photo by Frank Van Duerm, modified by Dan Osborn

  After last year’s icing on the CAVEThreace, who knew when in the world there’d be another CAVE record? Yet once again, and in perfect rhythm, CAVE deliver. Due out on Drag City in October, Release compiles jams from the sweltering heart of CAVE that didn’t make it onto their three LPs and three EPs.
Anyone who’s heard their albums can attest that CAVE have a fresh, yet well-seasoned ear for long-play records, and each one shows their ever-revolving palette. Being in CAVE is also about fun though, and they’ve also indulged themselves now and again with standalone songs and short-play records on Trensmat, Static Caravan, Giradiscos and Permanent, as well as some self-released cassette freakouts.
  Like the best singles, CAVE’s sides here have singular qualities that songs on albums can’t, as they unwind themselves over 30 or more minutes in time. A couple of the tracks on Release rock more in contrast to the refined production of Neverendless andThreace.  As a standalone release this collection presents a true sense of CAVE’s proficient and zealous sound.
Track List:
Butthash (Harshmellow mix)
Bobbys Hash (feat. Bobby Conn)
The Ride
Party Legs
Thai I Am
Machines and Muscles
  There are three waves of CAVE so far, from 2007-2014, and they’re all a part of Release. The first band was Cooper on guitar, organ and/or synth, Rex on drums and Zach on bass, but Dan came on pretty quick after that and plays on almost everything else here. Then it was the second wave: Cooper, Rex and Dan plus Adam playing keys and Rotten Milk on synth. Adam left after Pure Moods and Rotten Milk left after Neverendless. Then the third wave began when Jeremy came in on guitar. He plays and sings too on the Threace outtake, “JIM.” And phase three continues to expand with Rob on woodwinds.
  CAVE have always been about formats, interacting with them as they captured their sound, and the weirder the better. Releasecontains mostly 4-track recordings, plus some 8-track recordings also, although some of the masters had to be transferred from VHS.
  The “Harshmellow mix” of “Butthash,” is not the same version as on the Permanent split 10″ with the California Raisins, in fact, there’s still a few sides that haven’t been compiled yet, so look out for another Release in the future. In the meantime, CAVE fans across Europe can look forward to the following live shows:-
12.09.14 Valada (pt) Reverence Festival
13.09.14 Santiago de Compostela (spa) WOS INC
14.09.14 Vitoria-Gasteiz (spa) Ibú Hots
15.09.14 Lyon (fra) Generation Sponatanee
16.09.14 Marina di Ravenna (ita) Hana-Bi
17.09.14 Torino (ita) Magazzini Sul Po´
18.09.14 Lausanne (swi) Le Romandie
19.09.14 Dudingen (swi) Bad Bonn
20.09.14 Ebensee (aut) Kino Ebensee
21.09.14 Tillburg (hol) Incubate Festival
22.09.14 Bruxelles (bel) Les Ateliers Claus
23.09.14 Antwerp (bel) Het Bos
24.09.14 Paris (fra) Espace B
26.09.14 Sassari (ita) Egg Party
27.09.14 Cagliari (ita) Egg Party
28.09.14 Tolouse (fra) Les Pavillon Sauvages
29.09.14 Barcelona (spa) Almo2bar
01.10.14 Valencia (spa) 16 Toneladas
02.10.14 Madrid (spa) VillaManuela Festival
03.10.14 Guimaraes (pt) CAAA
The CAVE waves just keep on crashing!
Cave are all about churning grooves and ever-shifting scenery, their wonderful instrumentals disappearing around hidden corners and often re-emerging as something else entirely. Sweaty Fingers starts out with a taut rhythm, then gets all loud’n’lairy after settling into a cyclical guitar riff. Silver Headband morphs from German motorik to distorted metal boogie without leaving a join, while Slow Bern is a more ambient form of 70s kosmische. The interplay is frequently dazzling…At times, Threace feels like a postmodern vision of the history of popular music, from the funk-jazz wah-wah of Arrow’s Myth to the blazing psych-folk of Shikaakwa. Bloody marvellous, really.” – PROG
The 12-minute “Sweaty Fingers” punctuates a trance-inducing James Brown vamp with Rush-style powerchord explosions before indulging in the most intense bout of palm-muting since Oren Ambarchi’s Sagittarian Domain…The payoff comes about a third of the way in, when the spirit of Foghat makes an unexpected appearance and everything goes boogie.” – WIRE
Threace possesses a wholly immersive sense of itself, and a free floating kinetic energy that is out of step with most contemporary riff-based music. Its command of sonic hypnosis is all the more impressive considering its brevity. In emptying out the riff of its weight, opting instead for ambience and endurance, CAVE demonstrates just how vital the riff remains.” – QUIETUS

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