Izzy Lindqwister releases debut album “Moon Beam Cream”

November 20, 2013


21st Century Gospel with a Beta Waves flavour


“A powerful sould voice and an outstanding presence”

“You can expect more from Izzy in 2013 as one of the best new music artists around”

“A lullaby coming out of a gramophone, inside of some apartment of Rue de l’Alboni, where Marlon Brando is doing nasty things with Maria Schneider”

“Izzy’s belting vocals conjure images of knee-high boots and beehive hairdos”

“Lindqwister’s big voice booms like Beth Ditto’s”


You can call it “Cosmic Pop” or you could brand it “Space Soul”, you can label it the “21st century Gospel with a Beta Waves flavour”. Whatever you name it, this record is going to take your mind to an outer space trip across the Milky Way, dancing, chilling, crying and then kicking out the blues again.

Recorded in Paris, “Moon-Beam Cream” is the new face of Izzy Lindqwister and it is the nexus of all of her artistic energies and the point of arrival of the many paths she’s been walking. All of her androgenic beauty and suggestions – in a way that reminds of Roxy Music and David Bowie – and all of her show-womanship, exquisite sense of irony and originality have converged into a long and sincere sonic research, which resulted into her debut LP. In it lies an impressive dictionary of genres, from Motown Soul to Electro, Reggae, 70s and 90s Disco, Gospel and Psych. A refined post-modern collage where you never know what is going to happen next. Blended into the outstanding production of Izzy as well as JP Sluys (“Don’t Go”, “Angry Bird”! and “Ez T), the songs emanate dream-like exotic vibes and are pervaded by a romantic and decadent Parisian feel, hailing from the ghettos and approaching the trendy night-clubs of Rue Oberkampf. All combined with a frivolous but intelligent humour.

Coming from the so called “school of the hard knocks”, Swedish chanteuse Izzy Lindqwister has been artistically baptised by Johnny Thunders’ guitarist Steve Klasson when she was just a little kid singing in the church choir. In the last couple of years she released two singles produced by Tjinder Singh (Cornershop) and released by his label, Ample Play, featured on the NME and the Quietus. Her recent EP, Pyjama Party, bravely sailed the blogosphere and was worth an appearance at Rolling Stone’s monthly live programme in Italy. She was the only foreign artist along with the likes of Gary Go and Adam Green. Her strong personality got her features on fashion magazines, including a special feature on Elle, photographed by legendary Jean-Baptiste Mondino.

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