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Introducing Albin- En timme kvar Album Release

November 20, 2013

A L B I N ”E N T I M M E K V A R ”


Albin Johansson is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer living in Malmö. This is his solo-debut-album – an instrumental mix of hammond organs, synthesizers, tape echos and drum machines. The music is pendling between suggestive soundscapes and jazzy grooves with a little psychedelic touch. Influences from the seventies can be founded like the german krautrock-scene and swedish instrumental “progg”-bands.

This is an album-release but in fact it is to EP:s assembled into an album. First one (tracks 6-11) was originaly released on psychic malmö’s bandcamp in summer 2012 but the second one (track 1-6) is brand new. All music is recorded and mixed by Albin himself in his studio in Malmö. Albin is also known as singer and songwriter in his band PAL and as musician with artists Adam Evald, Solander, Big Fox and Madmans Moustache.

Artist: Albin

Album: En Timme kvar

Label: Paltunes/Psychic Malmö

Catalogue: pt02/psyke0013

Release-date: 2013-11-18

Format: CD/Digital

Style: Soundscapes/Kraut/Easy listening


1. Flykten

2. Hissen

3. Stoppet 4. Rälset

5. Dansen

6. Lugnet

7. Hammenhög 8. En Timme Kvar

9. … … …

10. Sextiosex

11. Eftertext

Music: Albin Johansson

Recording: Albin Johansson

Mixing: Albin Johansson

Mastering: Andreas Tillilander

Artwork: Caroline Andersson






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