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Vasudeva- Life In Cycles Album Preview + Exclusive Stream

July 13, 2013

Mike Maroney
Vasudeva, are an inspirational act who won our hearts when we discovered their EP ‘Roots Of The Tree’. Released in 2011, the record even made Circuit Sweet’s end of year favorite releases. Since then Vasudeva have gained a reputable following and supporting fanbase which is growing from every new listener. An outstanding act who are on the verge of something incredibly rewarding- the band are about to release their new 8 track album titled ‘Life In Cycles’. Chris Ratay, Derek Broomhead, Corey Mastrangelo and Grant Mayer are the unstoppable force making up this promising outfit. Their consistent hard work is about to pay off.

Life In Cycles is due 23rd July.

1. Ritual
2. In Lieu of Youth
3. Stop Making Yourself Miserable
4. Brickwork
5. Thought Pool
6. Tuxford Fall
7. Caesura
8. Punch-reel

You can hear an exclusive stream of single ‘Thought Pool’ taken off the forthcoming album here-

Circuit Sweet had the pleasure in previewing the forthcoming 8 Track release, to give our thoughts and opinions on the latest venture from the four piece. Our very own Oli Montez shares his  opinions on ‘Life In Cycles’.

Vasudeva’s Life in cycles, the long awaited (by myself especially) full length follow up to “Roots Of The Tree” is
set to secure them A bright future in the instrumental genre. Hailing from NJ, USA this exciting, relatively new
4 piece land somewhere in the region of Dios Trio, Rooftops, Enemies, Noumenon, six gallery, making intelligent, layered and uplifting music which ties in elements of post-rock, ambient multi-instrumentaL passages and, at it’s core, some serious drum grooves that for the most part gives the record an almost danceable quality.

Opening with “Ritual” – A ripping guitar riff builds up excitement which is quickly bought into context and traditional Vasudeva style with an intricate echoing guitar lead. This quickly breaks into the outstanding “In Lieu Of Youth” which has enough swing to fill a Data Select Party sized hole. My favorite track on the album titled “Tuxford Fall.” It encapsulates all things great about the band. Clever guitar riffs delivered in a positive and upbeat style stacked on top of an energetic, swinging rhythm section.

The music is so gratifying to listen to and manages to retain meaning through all it’s technicalities, Whichever way you wish to interpret it the album reveals more on each listen. The production is excellent and does everyone justice, the record flows from start to finish without any urgency and it works just as well as individual tracks or a sum of all it’s parts. Listening as a musician I have questions like How?, Why? – How did they do that? Why can’t I?! But as a listener it ticks all boxes for a truly great instrumental album. Once again They have secured a welcome spot in my best of the year and we are just over half way through.

‘Life In Cycles’ is frankly a fantastic follow up to their back catalog and a release they should be incredibly proud of. They’ve matured as a band and from this they should receive a lot more opportunities.

We want to personally thank the band for giving Circuit Sweet the honor in streaming the track  ‘Thought Pool’ and giving us a glimpse to their efforts. We have no doubts that this is the year for all four and we wish them all the best.


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