Kind Of Like Spitting Joins The Count Your Lucky Stars Family;

February 20, 2013


Kind Of Like Spitting Joins The Count Your Lucky Stars Family
New Album to be Released in 2013 By CYLS
Reissue of 2000’s ‘Nothing Makes Sense Without It’ to be Co-Released by Count Your Lucky Stars and Run For Cover Records


Kind of Like Spitting is joining the Count Your Lucky Stars family for a new LP and a vinyl reissue.

The brain-child of Ben Barnett, a sometimes singer/songwriter, sometimes full band endeavor from Portland, Oregon. Running the span of an entire decade and releasing eight (count ‘em, eight) full lengths on labels such as Barsuk and Hush Records, and sharing the stage with the likes of Death Cab for Cutie and Braid, Kind of Like Spitting originally called it quits in 2006. Last year, Ben decided to pick up the outfit again and start writing new music and touring. 2013 will see him plunge back into action with new friends (Lizzy Costello of the Special Explosion) and the same fervor that has driven his entire career with a new LP released on Count Your Lucky Stars, as well as a vinyl reissue of his quintessential LP from 2000 Nothing Makes Sense Without It on Count Your Lucky Stars and Run For Cover Records.

Count Your Lucky Stars owner Keith Latinen, a long time of the fan, says, “I first heard Kind of Like Spitting by downloading “Blue Period” from Insound on my parents computer with a dial-up connection in the early years of the 2000s. These were also the days when was a legit thing, people. It took me way too long to download, but I loved it. Actually, my teenage-self was on a new music discovery binge and I had downloaded a lot of songs from Insound that day so when I finally got to this one, it took me a really long time to figure out who “kols” was, haha (as they did not list the full name in the download, just the acronym.) Fast forward some 10+ years, and we have now signed them and are releasing a new LP and the very same album of the first song I heard by them. It’s a wonderful world!”

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