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Introducing A New Semi-Secretive Project Called Peace’d Out.

September 1, 2012

We love secretive bands. You can listen to a brand new song from a semi-secretive project called Peace’d Out.
Secretive until you are impatient and google the members?! Or you can wait until we announce it.

The Peace’d Out self-titled 10″ is available for preorder now:

Here’s a series of teaser videos. A third video will post soon with more info.

Their insane self-titled EP is 4 songs long and the preorder for the record is available here. The album will be up for sale in October through Siren Records.

  1. Castlemania
  2. White Pyramid
  3. Cha-Chang-Chang Chainmail
  4. I Would Like. To Feed Your Fingertips. To the Wolverines.
  5. Baadering Raam

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