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LoOmis- A Beautiful Coincidence New Album Release

September 1, 2012

Our good friend and artist regularly featured throughout our time here- New Orleans native Patrick Bailey aka LoOmis has shown no signs of ever sleeping as he returns again with a forthcoming album. We are amazed at the time and effort Patrick puts into his work and his releases. With a fantastic array of previous releases his back catalogue is something to be proud of. After mentioning the forthcoming album release back in June we can now announce the great news regarding the release.

San Francisco by way of New Orleans artist LoOmis, aka Patrick Bailey, returns with his 4th LP ‘A Beautiful Coincidence’ on September 4, 2012.
Following 2011’s ‘A Solitary Attraction‘ and a couple EP releases, A Beautiful Coincidence is a collection of songs and sounds recorded throughout the year and blends a variety of influences from hip hop production to post rock.

A Beautiful Coincidence will be available to download on 9/4/2012 via LoOmis bandcamp page and website. 10 mp3s will be available for immediate download with a $2 donation or a status update.

You can watch the new video for ‘Tired Flags’ below-

You can download ‘Tired Flags’ for free streaming below-

Artist: LoOmis
Album: A Beautiful Coincidence
Genre: Experiemental/Lofi/Electronic/Rock
Label: The Memory Farm
Release Date: 9/4/2012

1. Glims
2. Tired Flags
3. Sphyrna
4. Junker
5. OurLifeAsOlives
6. House Shark
7. So Contagious
8. DEFuse
9. Thebes
10. Sparc

Check back on the release date as we stream the album in it’s entirety.
LoOmis we salute you.


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