Olde Pine- Bob Cousy’s Queezy Woozy Koozie Single Stream

June 26, 2012

Since our first introducing post on Olde Pine. This band have now become good friends of the site.

Olde Pine are a duo consisting of Tony Kissell and Justin Brown.

The two musicians are also featured on the site for their efforts with band  Dios Trio- Tony and Justin hail from Westborough, MA.

The pair have just debuted a new single which is taken from forthcoming split with Spanish Club, SMOOTHER, and Townhouses. – (Keep checking back for an introducing feature on SMOOTHER too.)

Listen to new single ‘Bob Cousy’s Queezy Woozy Koozie ‘ streaming below via the band’s bandcamp-

Love what you hear? why wouldn’t you!! Head on over to our shop and purchase Olde Pine’s Release ‘Reservoir’ on cassette. Limited to 60, created in Germany on Tief Marcellos Schuld Records. Includes bonus track “That’s Git”. Also includes download code for all 3 songs!


Get Yours Here- Only a few copies left- http://circuitsweet.bigcartel.com//product/olde-pine-resevoir-cass-1-of-60

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