GHOSTANDTHESONG / CHRIS REHM Split LTD Run Tape Release via DZ Tapes

December 20, 2011
Brett, a 24 year old  independent music distributor/promoter. His time is spent organizing a compilation of original tracks for a limited cassette release to promote the establishment of his new label DZ Tapes and the label’s aim. DZ Tapes is devoted to publishing lesser known works through the pocket sized, nostalgically tactile analog cassette tape medium. The work promoted is original and in the majority of cases, exclusive.
We’ve featured his work and releases before and now via DZ Tapes; a regular artist  here- Chris Rehm is now apart of  his own tape releases.
Split hexyclical sides sift through subtle sounds of seasonal shifts, from hot to cool and cold to warm.
GHOSTANDTHESONG conjures a saturated psych-lo-funk/neo-surrealist-punk sunshower, the perfect cooldown for a squelchy joyride through woodland creeks canopied in summer sunset. Before nightfall, find a spot to lie back and let crisp autumn riffs and ritualistic rhythms of the rolling river cleanse your heavy heart and hazy mind. With the cold creeping closer, come back to consciousness and follow the siren to shelter.
dress to fail from DAYVAN ZOMBEAR on Vimeo.
Avoid the frost on the trek to refuge and wait out the winter with CHRIS REHM. Whispering winds of ambient-ghost-folk drown out all cognizance, but the thaw comes in a shimmering daze. Awaken to sunlight’s fingers lifting your lids and softly strumming the icicles in your ears. Rise up and return to the river to replenish that spring spirit of roving revitalization. Get solar, take a quick dip and cycle on.
Streaming below and available as a free download OR get your tape now limited to just 100 cassettes-
“Ghostandthesong are maintaining the good ol’ spirit of the amorphous, guitar-based jam. They keep things tight and concise, occasionally tossing in bird song (Urban Jungle), which wholeheartedly receives my respect. Chris Rehm is based more in the drone department, but we find snippets of his beguiling vocal chords on tracks like the excellently named Free William Cosby.” – Tiny Mix Tapes
“Berlin’s ghostandthesong takes an intelligent approach to psych music that, while distinctly home brewed, flaunts an exuberant energy that sets it apart.” – International Tapes
“DZ Tapes’ distribution has a huge international flair.” – Impose Magazine
Get More:
Dayvan Zombear: http://dayvanzombear.blogspot.com
DZ Tapes: http://dztapes.blogspot.com

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