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Project: Leave The Capital Announces 4 Track EP Vinyl Release Featuring Sean Grant & The Wolfgang, JW Paris, Luna Rosa and The Seven Sentinels Alongside 2022 Tour Dates

November 20, 2021

Project: Leave The Capital Announces 4 Track EP Vinyl Release Featuring Sean Grant & The Wolfgang, JW Paris, Luna Rosa and The Seven Sentinels

Alongside 2022 Tour Dates

Following a successful pledge campaign, 4 featured artists are set to appear on a forthcoming vinyl release alongside a forthcoming tour thanks to Project: Leave The Capital.

Project: Leave The Capital is a mission to ignite the home fires and keep them burning, with a 4-Track
vinyl EP and a UK tour launching February 2022.

The record boasts four of the finest bands/artists from the melting pot of talent performing across Herts, Beds, Bucks, Cambs and Northants right now. The EP and tour will highlight what can be achieved away from label millions, harnessing a DIY attitude for passion, not profit. The four featured artists will not only showcase their individual talents, but will play their part in elevating their local scene, during a time when it has never been more vital to do so.

A grassroots music community is alive and kicking. From the Project: Leave The Capital collective of Blaggers Records, blender, Transmission Indie and Vandalism Begins At Home, to the judging panel of Gareth Barber (Bedford Esquires), Suzanne Fletcher (Musicians Against Homelessness) Danny Watson (CDP Radio PR) and Hana Staddon (BBC 6Music). From more than 50 incredible artists that submitted tracks to be part of the project, to the final fab four that is JW Paris, Luna Rosa, Seán Grant & The Wolfgang and The Seven Sentinels, and of course, the pledgers – who smashed a Kickstarter target that ended past £3,000.

“Hitting the Kickstarter target in that short space of time just goes to show the support of grassroots music out there,” said guitarist and vocalist of JW Paris, Danny Collins. “As an independent band we are nothing without people supporting us. We haven’t got those A&R heads, thousands of pounds of investment or some huge PR push, we have you lot who have pledged their hard-earned money to be part of something special. It shows that music is still made by the people that matter the most – fans.”

New music champion John Kennedy played all four tracks across two nights of his influential Xposure show on Radio X, hailing ‘I Am The City’ by The Seven Sentinels as his prestigious Friday night ‘Hot One’. “Amazing!”, said the Milton Keynes hip-hop heroes in response on social media, with MC Bombshell adding: “Hitting the target was an incredible show of support from the fans, demonstrating how hungry they are for live music in this digital world, and really affirming for an independent musician, that all the work we put in to create our music resonates with a lot of people.

Rory McDade, singer and guitarist of Luna Rosa said, “Projects like this are so vital for bands like us. This project embodies the exact ethos and sentiment Luna Rosa was built on, DIY to the core with passion coursing its veins, running on grit and determination.”

For Seán Grant & The Wolfgang it will be their first tour since two jaunts around Europe, three years ago when they were signed to legendary independent record label FiercePanda. “It feels like we’ve won the Premier League and we’re going out in an open top bus,” beams Seán Grant as he looks ahead to a “celebratory tour”. “This feels very organic and natural and it’s almost like the tour is going to be a celebration of the project that has already been backed on Kickstarter. It went over its target and we’re celebrating that fact by taking it out and playing live”.

Details and release date of the vinyl will be announced in due course ahead of the official 2022 date. This really is a promising and supportive collective with the most ambitious goals to assist with the musicians and their careers. To all those that pledged for the physical release, allowing musicians to have their music on this physical format is such a milestone to embody their craft.

You can catch the musicians live on the following dates:

5th February 2022 – Bedford Esquires
9th February 2022 – Stoke Underground
10th February 2022- Manchester Castle
11th February 2022- Liverpool, Jimmys
12th February 2022 – Luton, Castle
13th Ferburary 2022- Brighton, Hope & Ruin
18th February 2022 – London, Water Rats
5th March 2022 – Milton Keynes, MK11



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