Stay Ahead Of The Weather- Nervous Energies Session [Video]

September 13, 2011

Stay Ahead of the Weather – Butchering A Back Catalog (Nervous Energies session) 

Back on April 27th, 2011 I filmed this Nervous Energies session with Evan and Matt from Stay Ahead of the Weather in their practice space in Chicago, Illinois. I was up in Chicago shooting the album artwork for Evan’s solo project Into It. Over It. so I had to take the opportunity to get a couple Stay Ahead songs while the guys were around.

A few minutes after filming this session I checked my computer while the guys were rehearsing. I watched in horror as tornadoes ripped through my city of Birmingham and Tuscaloosa live on a local news feed and read friends tweets/facebook statuses about getting to safety and how crazy everything at the time was. It ended with over 200+ people in Alabama alone losting their life. A lot of the damage has been cleaned up and out of sight but there is still a ton of people needing help. Please donate to the American Red Cross – https://american.redcross.org/site/SPageServer?pagename=ntld_southern_tornadoes and volunteer in any way you can. If you would like volunteering suggestions email me at ryan@ryanrussell.net and I will be glad to try and direct you to an appropriate non-profit.

Stay Ahead of the Weather – Get Old Or Die Tryin’ (Nervous Energies session)

Stay Ahead OfThe Weather-
Nervous Energies-
Nervous Energies is Ryan Russell’s record label and web based video series with bands performing acoustic/alternate versions of their songs.

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