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Oh Boland Release New Album “Western Leisure” – Out Now via Meritorio Records and Safe Suburban Home Records | Release Feature

June 16, 2024

Oh Boland Release New Album “Western Leisure”

Out Now via Meritorio Records and Safe Suburban Home Records

At the end of last month, Oh Boland released their third album titled “Western Leisure”, now available on Madrid’s Meritorio Records and the UK’s own Safe Suburban Home Records.

For close to a decade, Oh Boland have built their reputation on exhilarating live sets steered by frontman Niall Murphy’s frenetic guitar playing, paired with their intoxicating blend of garage-rock and power-pop.

Over the course of the Tuam-via-Dublin-based band’s lifespan, Oh Boland has existed in several guises and their new third record heralds a compelling new phase as the solo project of founding member, Niall Murphy. The self-produced Western Leisure (mixed and mastered by Mikey Young of Eddy Current Suppression Ring and Total Control) signifies an electrifying artistic evolution spurred by Murphy’s unwavering musical curiosity which hears him experiment with wistful Country motifs alongside Oh Boland’s synonymous noise-rock tendencies.

In creating the captivating world of Western Leisure, musically, Murphy explains, “Certainly, the overarching approach was seeing how far I could push arrangement ideas whilst retaining something that was reminiscent of what I’ve always written and try to be catchy, I suppose. I like so many different types of music and I wanted to try to include that in the swing of how this  record sounds.

The album is described as the outfit pushing the boundaries and potential of what an Oh Boland song can be, Murphy unlocked something extremely special with Western Leisure’s storytelling and made a body of work that is constantly revealing and evolving.

The new 10-track album “Western Leisure” offers up this diverse collection of releases, all emitting soul, vivacity and imagination. A record where quality prevails throughout, Oh Boland has mastered the art of producing these intoxicating and refreshing soundscapes filled with influences from far and wide whilst elevating the vision with this innovative touch.

From start to finish, this album proudly offers this immersive experience where adventure is at the forefront of each creative ensemble. Oh Boland has this animated essence that comes to life through the roaring hues, the jaunty tonal choices and the jangly textures, whilst the lyrics and the vocal harmonies unite with the instrumentation to direct the flow of each vital release. In turn, this album brings a form of escapism to the listener, as they fall for the plentiful hooks, the deep rhythms and the thick grooves.

“Western Leisure” is a triumph, clear imagery and elevated infectious sonic escapades grip the audience. This voyage is a must, the energy of the musicians dazzles throughout the record. Tidal waves of guitar crash with the punkabilly percussive stomp and the record devours this immense honky-tonk shuffle from start to finish. This album is exhilarating, sit back and let these dynamic arrangements consume you.




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