Killington Fall- Keep Your Eyes To The Sea [EP Review]

September 24, 2011
As mentioned before- we feature post-rock bands. But we feature post- rock bands when its done right. We’ve introduced you to the sounds and name of South West London quartet Killington Fall. No strangers to our site. 
The instrumental and incredibly powerful 4 piece consists of Cameron Stewart – Guitar/Vocals/Keys, James Simpson – Drums/Vocals, Max Templer – Guitar and Patrick Jordan on Bass.
 Killington Fall released their first EP At the Soundless Dawn in 2010, which we previously streamed and featured here. Physical copies of the album which quite frankly was a beautiful discovery, quickly sold out after Rocksound featured the post-rock instrumental 4 piece on its cover CD. The editor- a huge fan. Named as Radio 1’s BBC Introducing ‘Band Of The Week” by Huw Stevens, their accomplishments soon bolted through the scene earning them deserved recognition. The band embarked on their first UK tour in Spring of this year. Having since played shows supporting such acts as Tall Ships, Arms & Sleepers, Jeniferever and recently featured Tangled Hair. We reported the bands announcement of their September tour to support their newest EP release found in Keep Your Eyes To The Sea.
Keep Your Eyes To The Sea is the second EP from Killington Fall. It features 4 brand new tracks, and was recorded in a 12th Century Abbey in Northern France.

1. Ghost Rockets
2. Two Surrendered Flags
3. Stable Waves
4. Eventide, The Dark

Opening track Ghost Rockets instantly cherishes a haunting sensation found in the build up from its beginning bleak ambiance to its timid warmth, aided by the progressive force joining together to shift the tracks overall feel. The haunting essence in keeping to the song title and in some ties, the place the track had been recorded. Lasting notes, deep proceeding beats dominate the orchestration, shimmering guitars lift the composition but the roaring continuing intensity provided by the musicians create a captivating heavy listen.
The haunting build up then crushing break down leads to a luring strong repetitive riff adding character to the track. Exactly 5 Minutes of momentous build ups/progression cultivating a delicate expression.

This then promptly diverges to the second track Two Surrendered Flags, a faster paced, aggressive and bold direction. Unlike the opener track this quick starting single has no immediate climatic crescendo which can be found throughout their arrangements. Instead and still in keeping with what they provide; Two Surrendered Flags contains profound break downs, consistent tempo changes, and altogether a lot more bite and vivid angst. Continuing to carry through the intensity and emotion found in the first track, which they’ve maintained into their next, the cinematic projection flows fluently from track to track. 
The more aggressive track stands out with its harmonious screeching, the grittiness it presents and the incredibly crushing finale it leads up to.
Stable Waves utilizes the emotion Killington Fall acquires. Despite being a much shorter composition to the tracks surrounding it, and although being softer; Stable Waves retains that forceful power and passion that charms the bands creativity. Nothing weakens, nothing lacks. And again empathy is provided. The track breaks up the sheer intensity the previous two tracks have bestowed, but still the empathy flavours the EP’s journey.
Finally Keep Your Eyes To The Sea leads up to Eventide, The Dark. The final and most fitting track. In true post-rock power, the dynamics within this track and more importantly the passion captures the energetic deliverance. Harmonious from the beginning, Eventide, The Dark starts wistfully and gently before power unites. This track provides contrasting riffs, buoyant and agile beats, deeper more moving bass notes and an array of melodic hand claps. All of which coming together for a colossal build up into a pounding finish fitted with the adjourning stop starts fading out with the ferocious fuzz. A positively atmospheric orchestration. 
Killington Fall are carrying their name respectfully in a genre that has a flurry of acts pass. This solid release is a sustainable effort to their achievements. Keep Your Eyes To The Sea is startling, emotional and altogether captivating. A record which is proving their notability and earning their EP to be a much needed record to any fan. The quartet have such deep drive and clear passion which entwines into their creativity so well .

As with their 2010 release, the band have yet again made a striking, emotional and epic record. An EP which stands out from others similar due to its powerful deliverance. Here are four tracks which can and will be on repeat for time to come. These four men have captured a special essence within their talent, this shines through in their record.

Keep Your Eyes To The Sea is limited to 250 copies. Available  now via-  Killington Fall Bigcartel


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