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Rosali Announces New Album “Bite Down” due 22nd March via Merge & Shares New Lead Single/Video “Rewind”

January 14, 2024
Photo Credit: Asia Harman

Rosali Announces New Album Bite Down

Released 22nd March via Merge

Rosali—the North Carolina-based songwriter and guitarist Rosali Middleman—announces her new album, Bite Down, out March 22nd and presents the lead single/video, “Rewind.” Bite Down, Rosali’s Merge Records debut, captures her in the midst of a transition.

“I started writing the majority of Bite Down after moving to North Carolina in the fall of 2021. The album traces two cross-country moves, including saying goodbye to my longtime home of Philadelphia,” Rosali explains. “I resolved to bite down on the proverbial bullet; sink my teeth into the flesh and bone of being in the world, devouring the obstacles in my path and gloriously savouring all that is on offer—good and bad. Give me another serving, another moment, another challenge, give me another chance to meet life with insatiable hunger.”

Bite Down finds Rosali collaborating again with Omaha’s finest —David Nance (bass, guitar), James Schroeder (guitar, synth), Kevin Donahue (drums, percussion), the same band she enlisted for 2021’s beloved No Medium.  They are joined in-studio by Destroyer collaborator Ted Bois (keys). Bite Down showcases the urgency and ambition in their collaboration—a band pushing each other not just to expand on what they’ve already done together, but to break through into altogether new territory. Bite Down was also co-produced and mixed by Schroeder and Rosali. 

Of lead single “Rewind,” Rosali says, “I want what I do with my time to matter and to reject regret for even the difficult moments are worthy in how they reveal wisdom and initiate growth. I would do it all over again (i.e. rewind) knowing the challenges in life are not meant to be disdained, as much as the joys and pleasures are not meant to be the goal. Being present allows us to become more whole and rounded as people, with love being the way to move through. Not just the romantic kind but all the forms of love, desire and excitement that push us through to the next day.” The song is accompanied by a self-directed video. 

Rosali has captured such beauty and life within the latest single. “Rewind” is the perfect single to solidify further fans for Rosali and to inject such excitement into the record that is due to follow. The immense vocal harmonies and their fierce range hook you, whilst the tonality of the instrumentation stirs this additional affection into the structure. The combination of the intimate lyrics and the flawless range soaring high above the essential tones; is the perfect recipe.

Bite Down follows 2021’s beloved No Medium and last year’s Variable Happiness, the acclaimed improvisational guitar album released under her moniker Edsel Axle.

Bite Down Tracklist

1. On Tonight

2. Rewind

3. Hills on Fire

4. My Kind

5. Bite Down

6. Hopeless

7. Slow Pain

8. Is It Too Late

9. Change Is in the Form

10. May It Be on Offer

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