Alright The Captain, Cheap Jazz, Aulos, Our Helical Mind Live @ The Chameleon, Nottingham 17th August [Live Review]

September 4, 2011
Wednesday 17th August, The Chameleon Nottingham held a night with the following acts-Alright The Captain, Cheap Jazz, Aulos and Our Helical Mind.

Aulos ventured to Nottingham for the first time playing with renowned act Alright the Captain, who are regularly featured here at Circuit Sweet.
Our Helical Mind kicked off the nights live proceedings. The 2 piece outfit from Nottingham combine elements of Break beat, Dubstep, Drum & Bass and Funk. They pride themselves on creating their genre defined music live and without the aid of computers, programming and loops. Consisting of Shep on bass, noise and sonic deconstruction and Grand Master Mash on his custom drum kit providing the beats and clicks.
Oli Montez- Our Helical Mind + Charisma

As the duo raised the level of intensity, instantly- they gave their set a special twist that evening when local MC “Karizma” joined the stage to join forces. Having only met just hours before combining talents live- Charisma added that wow factor to the set.

The duo with and without that added member work in unison together to project their sounds.
The band released their first EP “Subscape” in March of this year and a follow up 2nd EP will be released shortly. 
Following Our Helical Minds, Aulos embraced the red curtain backdrop and ample floorspace (prior to their pedal board) for a show which has been on the cards for some time.
One of their last live shows for a while following a diligent year  of constant live performances nationwide debuting material from their first EP release EP IC- and more recently forthcoming singles and new material. 
The non local act for the evening gave a set with nothing left to prove. The two hauled in a crowd and continued the raised level of intensity mixing in with the nights acts and provided a destructive performance, leaving the room in awe.
Naomi Preece- Aulos
“I think the Chameleon was the first place I have felt Aulos truly fit into a lineup. There was a really welcoming vibe and genuine interest for our music. Getting to finally meet and play with ATC after so long was so worthwhile and the support was amazing. It was a really perfect ending to the summer ’11 shows!”- Oli Montez, Aulos.
 Next up on the nights bill was Derby based quartet Cheap Jazz. The band stated they couldn’t follow the previous two acts however their performance suggested otherwise. Formerly known as “FUNfun”, made up of two former members of Younogodie and two former members of Plans and Apologies. Cheap Jazz consist of Chris Marsh- Vocals/ Guitars, Jamie Cattermole -Drums, Dan Wheeler- Guitar/Vocals and Pobtej Roobish on Bass.
Oli Montez- Cheap Jazz
Oli Montez- Cheap Jazz

The band have previously released Sorry If I Was A Bit Rough Demos, The Hitchcock EP and Cheap Jazz: Demos. The band are currently touring and maintaining their deserved hype for their forthcoming as yet untitled album release which we will be exclusively featuring alongside an interview with the band.

Together they provide an experience you’ve been longing to witness. A tight engaging fun melodic set. Each member powers from one another which is captured within their creativity. The four are renowned for providing a set with “Twisty Turny Riffs and other devilry”, and that they do but their live performance holds so much more. An impressive ambitious raucous set blending a structured balance of math rock, fun rock and post rock. 
Cheap Jazz are without a doubt a refreshing band. A must see live for you to truly embrace what they are all about. Their fast paced enigmatic set flowed into the early hours and following a heightened finale it was time for the headliners and regular act to play with Cheap Jazz, found in Alright The Captain.
Oli Montez- Alright The Captain
 Alright The Captain quickly set up for their late night set. The trio created their own ambiance by setting up their pedal boards and drums complete with a warm red light, burning lavender incense stick and a strobe light at the Bassists’ disposal.  The 3 piece instrumental math rock post rockers consist of Marty Toner- Guitar, Todd Wood- Bass and Ash West-Mullen on Drums.
One thing the band can cherish that’s been stated here before-something which is clear from the offset. Alright The Captain relish themselves in their live capability and put on a performance that won’t disappoint.
Performing tracks from their album SNIB, released on Field Records, they prove why their material and their abilities have gained a respectful amount of coverage. Their set indulged in progressing dark and heavy blasts. Riffs upon riffs, key changes and time signature changes, poly rhythms and fruity interludes. Deep structural beats with boisterous bass lines. Displaying their technical abilities which thrive throughout, the band are in such control of their sound and their atmospheric deliverance.
Alright The Captains’ performances are IN the crowd FOR the crowd. The three instantly connect with their audience by making their shows about their listeners too. A main highlight for the evening whilst performing track “Honey Badger” was bridging their audience and their music together by achieving a unison of “HONEY BADGER HONEY BADGER” shouts, kick starting their track.
Oli Montez- Alright The Captain

Alright The Captain had been an act we’ve been waiting to see for some time and after finally encountering their performance, they too are another must see. And we will be back to see them soon.

The night in its entirety was one of the most welcoming and enjoyable live gigs Circuit Sweet has attended in a long while. 
Fun, thriving and entertaining. Everyone respectful of one another all there for the same experience. More nights similar are needed!

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In recent news- Alright the Captain and Cheap Jazz will tour mainland Europe in October and you can catch us at any of the following shows….

10th @ The Chameleon, Nottingham w/ Fall of Messiah (France)
22nd @ Brasserie Op Flohr, Luxembourg
23rd @ Music City, Antwerp, Belguim
24th @ Jazzrock cafe, Cheb, Cz
25th @ Liwi, Leipzig, Germany
26th – Book Us
27th @ Chapeau Rouge, Prague
28th @ Venue TBA, Ghent, Belgium
29th @ Venue TBA, Caen, France
31st @ The Old Bell, Derby w/ Generic (France)

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