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Nancy Releases New Single “Pleasure Pen”- Out Now via B3SCI Records

December 8, 2020
Photo credit: Steve Glashier


Shares New Single ‘Pleasure Pen’

Out Now via B3SCI Records

Enigmatically compelling and dripping in authenticity, bizarro-pop provocateur NANCY reveals mesmeric new effort ‘Pleasure Pen’, the lead single from 10-track mini-album ‘7 Foot Tall Post-Suicidal Feel Good Blues’, set for release January 15th via B3SCI Records (Jungle, Fickle Friends, Trudy and the Romance).
Repeatedly impressing critics over the last 18 months with his unique brand of warped psychedelia, ‘Pleasure Pen’ follows trippy, psych-infused title-track ‘7 Foot…’, and arrives hot on the heels of the musician’s ‘Happy Oddities’ EP, capturing NANCY laid bare, honing in on his true identity and taking pride in the person he has become.
Detailing his latest cut, the enigmatic figure explained: “‘Pleasure Pen’ is based on the Sacher-Masoch novella Venus in Furs, it’s dark and dirty and needs to be listened to whilst engulfed in red light. Break out those assless chaps cos it’s about to get disgusting”.

“Pleasure Pen” is such an addictive composition from this captivating artist. Dark, dirty, and obnoxious- what’s not to love. Nancy ramps up the intensity to this track by fusing an abundance of distortion and ardent beats. Nancy toys with the abrasiveness which aids to the chaos of this brooding instrumentation.

NANCY’s ‘Pleasure Pen’ was released December 7th via B3SCI Records and available on all digital platforms.

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