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Symbol Soup Shares New Single “Appetite”- Debut Album “Slow Puncture” due 21st July via Sad Club Records

May 26, 2023
Credit: Sirus Gahan

Symbol Soup Shares New Single “Appetite”

Debut Album “Slow Puncture” due 21st July via Sad Club Records

The emerging songwriter Michael Rea under the moniker of Symbol Soup releases mesmerizing new track ‘Appetite’ & announces debut album Slow Puncture due 21st July via Sad Club.

‘Appetite’ showcases Michael’s raw emotions with its captivating, expansive melody, reminiscent of esteemed indie acts like Pavement and Built to Spill, with the track becoming a beloved gem during his live performances.

Thematically it’s about feeling totally overwhelmed and totally underwhelmed at the same time” he explains. “Being endlessly greedy for more excitement and experiences, then when things come to fruition turning straight to anxiety and being unable to savour them. Being ‘seasick’, out in a vast ocean but confined to your own nausea.’

The rich yet resonating tonality that Symbol Soup delves into becomes the most stirring trait for the new dynamic exploration. Within the first few bars, the listener embraces the heat of the expressive landscape. This courageous detail celebrates the force of the oscillating characteristics that enhance the track. This expressive soundscape welcomes the build-up of immersive rhythmic passages whilst exploring brighter textures and intimate lyrics.

Through the complex loops that ultimately become this crucial bed for the delicate vocal notes to bounce from, the loops and the intense brooding hits deliver this wealth of melancholy and alter the mood of the exploration. Symbol Soup delivers this juxtaposition of warmth through the vintage essence of the tones, yet explores such thrilling emotion through the darker flourishes. The vocal harmonies capture a sense of fragility through the darker attributes. This touch elevates a more ethereal ramification.

The track is the third to be released from Symbol Soup’s forthcoming debut album, ‘Slow Puncture’, a stunning collection of songs that details the young musician’s life growing up in Milton Keynes, all shot through the filter of the American TV show he watched as a child, Buckinghamshire by way of the OC.

A ‘Slow Puncture’ to me seemed to be the perfect example of a problem that gets thought about every day and left unfixed. A tyre with a slow puncture needs constant effort and maintenance just to keep moving, but usually doesn’t get repaired or replaced until it’s too late” Michael says, going into detail. “A running theme of the album is living with our own limitations or flaws – ideally through acceptance, other times through pure laziness. The metaphor also relates to the process of growing older, feeling that you’re imperceptibly losing something as time passes. The specifics will be different, but I think most people would relate to the idea of having a ‘puncture’, some Achilles heel or turning point in their life, that impacts everything else.”

Since relocating to South London from Milton Keynes in 2021, Symbol Soup has become a valuable part of the local DIY community. This is in large part down to hosting the ‘Soupenanny’ shows at The George Tavern and The Windmill. These events take food bank donations for entry, showcasing like-minded acts such as Tapir! Blackaby, Lilo. Symbol Soup have also played support for the likes of Jerkcurb, Bull, Personal Trainer and Tummyache.

Symbol Soup has already been generating fans at radio and press, with support from the likes of ClashDIY and Various Small Flames, as well as delivering a breath-taking performance of his recent single ‘Overdressed’ for BBC Introducing.   

Symbol Soup is an artist that mixes talent, ethics and charm to truly make him a songwriter to watch as he releases more material in 2023.

Slow Puncture

1.     Dial-a-Dream

2.     Overdressed

3.     Saddle

4.     Appetite

5.     Airglow

6.     Tire

7.     Root

8.     Gameshow

9.     Dark Horse

10.  Whatever It Is

11.  Wishbone

12.  Punchline (Bonus Track)




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