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In Pictures: Spoonfedz EP Launch

July 27, 2011
Friday 22nd July 2011, The Marrs Bar, Worcester opened its doors to welcome and host Spoonfedz EP Launch.
Releasing their first ever EP “Hard To Swallow” into the world having been in hiding for several months to create this much anticipated release which is now available to purchase.

Their own launch party at Worcesters number 1 music venue saw The Spoonfedz performing tracks from their debut EP plus never before heard brand new tracks.

Craigus, Worcesters legendary musician opened the night and Aulos (one of  Spoonfedz’ favourites) to which they described as-
A 2-piece psychedelic/experimental/r​ ock act, from Hereford – (And the only band we’ve seen that use an original early 90’s Nintendo GameBoy as an instrument!). These guys are simply not to be missed and we’re honoured that they will be gracing our event with their presence! – Warmed the stage and enticed the crowd ready for Spoonfedz moment of glory.
Aulos‘ live performance was one of the best to date with such an incredible reception. 

Get more from Aulos at any of the links below-
All images of Spoonfedz by Oli Montez 

Well done to the Spoonfedz on such a successful evening.
They really do put everything into their live performance captivating every audience member. For that they should be proud.

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