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Voronoi Set To Release New Album “The Last Three Seconds” May 7th via Small Pond / Art As Catharsis | Album Feature

April 25, 2021

Voronoi Set To Release New Album “The Last Three Seconds” May 7th via Small Pond

Album Feature

Small Pond and Art As Catharsis are proud to announce the release of Leeds, UK trio Voronoi’s new album The Last Three Seconds—a complex and remarkably ambitious foray into the realms of progressive metal and jazz experimentation, set for release on 7th May 2021.

Forming off the back of contemporary jazz outfit Zeitgeist, Voronoi take the power and rhythmic complexity of heavier prog-metal and fuse it with the sophistication of classical music and jazz. A passion for science fiction thematically drives the band’s heaving and chopping style, whereas artists such as Autechre, Car Bomb, Tigran Hamasyan and J.S. Bach help shape the rigid, experimental structure of The Last Three Seconds.

“Compositionally and stylistically we have moved into much heavier territory than our contemporary jazz foundations,” says Podraza. “It really shows. If you were to put this record against the first tunes we played together as Zeitgeist, it would be like introducing a much less capable Thelonious Monk to a less hectic Dillinger Escape Plan.” 

The Last Three Seconds Track Listing

1. Interstellar Something

2. Gamma Signals

3. The Nauseator

4. Robots As Pathos / Robots As Menace

5. Darker The Night

6. The Last Three Seconds

7. The Outsider and The Priest

8. Home Could Be Lightyears Away

Album opener Interstellar Something fiercely sets off the albums’ proceedings with this powerful surge of sharp tones and notes panning right, left, right, left; this whirlwind of instant aggressive instrumentation immediately hooks you within the first few bars of this release. Whilst continuing to manipulate that powerful soundbite, this brooding off-kilter key tone comes into focus with the rumbling drum kit making their presence well known and backing that piano-led infliction. As the ensemble picks up traction, let it be known that Voronoi are fearless musicians, they can’t be pigeonholed and they certainly capture their defiance within their instrumentation. Voronoi dynamically shift the intensity throughout the opener, their audience in awe over their technical delivery and array of soaring textures in this consuming enviroment. Crashing cymbals, brighter keyboard/synth notes and thunderous bass passages. If this is your first introduction to this outfit, prepared to be blown away. When the single abruptly ends you realise the scale of the first magnificnet creation.

Gamma Signals follows, this was the outfit’s first single release from the record. Fierce and biting yet with this sci-fi essence and brutalist attributes, this is the arrangement where Voronoi focus on their flawless stop-starts, heightened atmospheric landscape, and still keenly showcase this magical vibe to their dominating aura. This hellish tone emits through the fog of the dense keyboard notes and the percussion attacks the bass within their space, a battle of complex textures and a grueling consistency within their inflection. Once again, this unpredictable exploration delivers this trio’s ability to manipulate their intensity and shift their power whilst keeping their audience captivated throughout.

The Nauseator brings an entirely fresher ambiance to the album. This heightened free-jazz movement explodes throughout this creation, bringing in the more traditional tone from the keyboard and allowing freedom within the structure, that brighter tone flies above the drum shuffles and sudden gritty bass feedback infliction. This arrangement becomes a performance piece and playoff between the percussive cadence and softer swing with the harmonic key scales. One of the longest compositions on the record, this single embarks on an expressive and visionary expedition. Voronoi intelligently adapts the intensity to deliver peaks of intimacy and abrupt jaunts. As the experimental vibes take center stage, the arrangement comes to the final passage of this journey, Voronoi scale back the power and allows this refreshing flow of air to come into focus and with that calms the audience. Unprepared, the bass emerges and the tempo shifts, the layered textures all coarsely grate within their foundations and the power mesmerizes the listener. Suddenly, the mood alters, this isn’t the same track you started with and as you fly towards the crushing finale you need to take a few moments to let the vivacity of this release come into full effect.

That’s where the opener of Robots As Pathos / Robots As Menace allows its listeners to take in the momentarily calmer ambiance. The gentle keys provide this stirring touch cascading through what first feels like a more personal and intimate soundscape. But not for long. This release suddenly propels the audience into the middle of this progressive path. This vast landscape of ardent beats and mighty bass hooks suddenly feels a world away from the softer starting notes. It’s a rapid ensemble that provides an influx of edgy textures.

Darker The Night follows with this instant dizzying piano-based movement and allows this infectious attitude to emit from each note and prominent beat resonating into the visionary world crafted and The Last Three Seconds brings this intrigue into the budding instrumentation that starts to simmer away to show the architecture of this creative release. The tail end of this arrangement becomes a focus to the surreal atmosphere that the outfit have crafted and maintained throughout whilst the distressed drum beat controls the overall drive.

The Outsider and The Priest is the longest track on the record, over 12 minutes of swift, acute, and standout shuffles from the drumming, rhythmic scales from the keys that dynamically shift in frequency, tonality, and tempo. The intensity flairs between invasive to enchanting, this outfit really merges a vast combination of complexity and emotion into their sound. This expressive creation can at times fool the audience into finding solace in certain tweaks and softer hooks, however, we are all at the mercy of these musicians. Voronoi adapt their power and control the sensitiveness throughout. They adapt their craftsmanship and offer such a range within their work. This adventurous orchestration allows each musician to fluctuate their responsiveness to one another through their inflictions. Allowing pockets of silence to weave through the gritty bass movement when the keys aren’t playing this abundance of quick-paced alluring actions. The drummer flirts with the ferocity and controls the crushing sensation we embrace throughout.

Finally, the album ends of Home Could Be Lightyears Away. The air feels instantly calmer this side of the previous track, there’s a real feeling of sentiment emitting from the keyboard notes and attentive position. The atmosphere feels more controlled, more melancholic, more cathartic. The final song finds this middle ground where all musicians come to unite, to surround one another with the impressive sound mastered by each musician. But remember, Voronoi don’t stick to their gentle side for too long, that gritty side of their impressive power will rear its head. This release feels like the cathartic finale the band needs for this outstanding record.

In its entirety, the forthcoming album offers this wealth of dynamic instrumentation. Voronoi have carefully crafted complex arrangements that equally allow each musician to shine. They hold the power to creating these climatic ensembles that are filled with ample moments of suspense and softer surprises. This is an inventive influx of intellectual instrumentation, an enchanting infusion of expressive elements mixed with traditional traits. Experimental qualities executed with this fearless manner. The Last Three Seconds is one of the most explosive journeys’ you will embark on, enchanting yet totally irrational.





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