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Honey Joy Announce New Album “III” due 5th July via Everything Sucks Music & Share New Single “Penelope”

June 6, 2024

HONEY JOY release new track ‘Penelope’

From forthcoming third album ‘III’

out 5th July via Everything Sucks Music

Honey Joy recently announced their new album ‘III’ will be out 5th July via Everything Sucks Music and now they’ve released another track from the record. 

‘Penelope’ is a driving composition which serves as an impassioned love letter to those friends we meet along the way who become such an integral part of our lives. As the band say, it’s about “missing someone growing up. Missing those soulmate friends.” ‘Penelope’ is also the first song new guitarist Will Hattersley brought to the band.

Penelope” is a raucous affair, the vocal notes direct and the lyrical melody moves the direction with this elevated touch whilst the gritty soundscape unites to maximise the angular attributes and forceful punk theme. Dazzling from start to finish is Honey Joy’s infectious energy, it surfaces to each verse, through the tonality and the unison of the musicians, and that energy simply commands your full attention.

Honey Joy have also announced some additional UK tour dates. See below for everything that’s coming up for them in the next few months.

The first song the south London punks revealed from ‘III’ was the awesome ‘Language’, which ​​speaks on “how having opinions and feelings is pointless or damaging if you can’t learn to articulate them,” says vocalist Megan Tinsley. Guitarist Matt Tinsley chimes in that the track is “an idea I’ve been fucking around with since our first album. I showed it to Jay (Jason Cavalier – drums), he said to stop swinging the rhythm and make it more Tom Petty and here we are.”

Elsewhere on the charmingly rumbustious ‘III’, Honey Joy explore the raw emotion that music can conjure, which this record certainly does, with ‘Ready Now’, and wanting to do it all in life without compromise on ‘Live 100%’. They air frustration at chronic health and mental health issues (‘Never Better’), as well as railing at the government with the painful outrage of album closer ‘Thursdays at 8pm’, whose title references the “Clap for Carers” campaign during the pandemic. Megan says the track is “me being absolutely furious about the government handling of Covid. I can honestly only describe it as negligence and gaslighting. I will never forget.” Matt adds “I lost my Grandad to Covid. I spoke to him the day before he died and the thought of him being alone when he passed due to government negligence is still a painful and enraging memory. I think he would be really proud of Meg for her work as a nurse during Covid, for pulling through one of the toughest times in her life and her lyrics in this song. I think of him every time we play it. Fuck this government a million times over.”

‘III’ was recorded with Wayne Adams at BearBitesHorse in East London, literally around the corner from where the band recorded (second album) ‘II’. According to Honey Joy, “There’s a pretty great falafel place down the road.” This is their first recording with new guitarist Will Hattersley.

Honey Joy have been a band for nine years and have played shows around the UK, Europe and as far afield as the USA. Previous stage mates include Martha, Marked Men and Radiator Hospital.


5th July @ Signature Brew, Haggerston

6th July @ East Street Tap, Brighton

11th July @ Watford – venue tbc

12th July @ Dubrek Studios, Derby

13th July @ The Red Shed, Wakefield

14th July @ Two By Two Brewery, Newcastle

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