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Kiasmos Share New Single “Sailed” – New Album out July 5th on Erased Tapes

May 29, 2024


Share new single “Sailed”
New album out July 5th on Erased Tapes

Kiasmos, the duo of Icelandic composer Ólafur Arnalds and Faroese musician Janus Rasmussen, share a new single from their long-awaited second album, ‘II’, which is set for release on July 5 via Erased Tapes. The single drops ahead of a sold out show at London’s Outernet (this evening), with an Autumn show at Troxy already announced for later this year, as well as international headline and festival appearances – dates below.  

Following the recently dropped EP “Flown” and previous single “Burst”, now they share the crisp, delicate atmospherics of “Sailed”, which Arnalds describes as “one of the more playful processes during the making of this record was the creation of Sailed. A no rules kind of affair that resulted in us putting a breakbeat, synthesisers, 808’s, a choir, piano and strings all in the same song. A personal favourite of mine from the record and one I’ve been looking forward to sharing with the world.”  

Rasmussen adds: “This song indicated that we had an album ready. It serves as a summary of the work we’ve dedicated to this project over the years. It’s like the essence of Kiasmos in 2024, which excites me. This song has a slightly broken beat, synths, strings, and a lot of tension—to me, it has it all.” 

The accelerated percussion infusion lifts the landscape and voyage, carefully elongated synth notes stir in the background and gain more traction with the sustained notes gaining more intensive streaks into the composition. The passages sculpt and shift and the atmosphere invites the audience into its fresh adventure. Kiasmos bring this story to life through the intensive peaks of this arrangement, whilst experimental influences shine and this almighty build-up to one progressive crescendo devours your full attention, it’s the subtle organic essence that tantalizes this vivid arrangement.

When Kiasmos started out in the late 2000s, little did they know that their part-time supergroup would go stratospheric. It was the sound of two old friends from neighbouring islands striking out against the stark piano and electropop music that they were individually celebrated for and effusively sharing their love of Berlin-inspired beats. But their pairing blew up into a world-dominating live act whose music went on to define the decade. So what does one of the most dynamic duos in electronic music do next, after all this time? There are clues in their new artwork: Kiasmos’s distinctive diamond motif, up in flames, so it can rise again from the ashes.
Kiasmos are returning, renewed and restored, with II’. It’s the triumphant followup to their universally acclaimed self-titled debut in 2014, which re-envisioned minimal techno with orchestral flourishes and weightless production. They’d made most of that album in just two weeks; this time it’s been 10 years. The making of ‘II’ was a test of their friendship, but also testament to how great musical chemistry can always go the distance and be just the same as it ever was. “In the beginning, we hadn’t established any sound, so it was easy to write,” says Janus. 
On ‘II’ you can clearly hear how Kiasmos have evolved as sonic architects, in the album’s deeper acoustic textures, atmospheric ambience, restless grooves and ambitious string arrangements. Each song on the album is a mini epic, effortlessly moving between electronic, classical and rave, and then pulling back before you’ve had a chance to take a breath. This is Kiasmos – but more widescreen. “It’s bigger, both in sound and production,” says Janus. “The music has matured yet there’s a playfulness to it.”
They worked on a lot of ‘II’ during the lost year of 2020-2021, including a trip to Ólafur’s studio in Bali. “We spent a month there and wrote a few songs that ended up on the record,” says Janus. The pair sampled traditional Balinese percussion like the gamelan and incorporated Janus’s field recordings of their natural surroundings – the sound of birds, crickets and echoing the sunrise over the lush landscape. 
Kiasmos have an enviable knack for conveying complex emotions and evocative visuals with instrumental music. But this time they’ve got more experience as producers to draw on. The album’s expansiveness can be linked to Ólafur’s intervening years as a Grammy-nominated composer and prominent soundtracker in film and TV. And they’ve subtly shifted from four-to-the-floor to the frenetic broken beats of UK dance music, experimenting more with BPMs, echoing Janus’s time spent DJing in major venues worldwide. 
“It’s emotional rave!” laughs Ólafur. The magic of Kiasmos is also in the cathartic release that can happen at their live shows. “We often talk about the idea of crying on the dance floor,” Ólafur continues. “That’s become our unofficial slogan.” But they also want to keep everyone, including themselves, on their toes. “II is livelier,” says Janus, “but it still retains the signature Kiasmos style of transitioning from a whisper-quiet ambience to an explosive dance beat that can blow your socks off.” Their phoenix is rising from the ashes, and ready to take flight. 

Kiasmos live dates:
29.05. London UK Outernet *SOLD OUT*
31.05. Berlin DE Huxleys
01.06. Maifeld Derby DE Mannheim
02.06. Opia Festival NL Utrecht
07.06. Department Festival SE Stockholm
28.06. Paradise City Festival BE Brussels
29.06. St. Gallen Festival CH St. Gallen
01.07. Citadelle Di Sisteron FR Cercle 
12.07. Audioriver Festival PL Lodz 
13.07. BBK Festival ES Bilbao
26.07. Popmesse CZ Brno
02.08. All Together Now IE Waterfront 
10.08. Grape Festival SK Trencin 
11.08. Sziget Festival HU Budapest
14.09. Spring Attitude Festival IT Rome
15.09. Milan IT Magnolia
18.09. London UK Troxy
19.09. Paris FR Salle Pleyel
20.09. Cologne DE Stadthalle
21.09. Hamburg DE Reeperbahn Festival
22.09. Copenhagen DK Poolen
24.09. Luxembourg LU den Atelier
25.09. Amsterdam NL Melkweg
26.09. Berlin DE Columbiahalle
12.11. New York US Elsewhere Hall 
13.11. Montreal CA SAT
15.11. San Francisco US 1015 Folsom
16.11. Los Angeles US The Regent
17.11. Seattle US Crododile
20.11. Mexico City MX BlackBerry Auditorio 
Ticket links: http://ffm.link/tour-dates


‘II’ track list:
1. Grown
2. Burst
3. Sailed
4. Laced
5. Bound
6. Sworn
7. Spun
8. Flown
9. Told
10. Dazed
11. Squared  


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