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Luce Rushton Announces Debut EP “Slinky” Due June 6th via Sad Club Records & Shares New Single “How It Works”

April 11, 2024
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Following a string of acclaimed singles, London-based singer/songwriter Luce Ruston announces her debut EP ‘Slinky’, out June 6th via Sad Club records. Alongside the EP announcement, Luce releases ‘How It Works’,  a beautiful yet melancholy song about the aftermath of a breakup and the lingering reminders of a vanished love.

“This song was originally written in 2017 when I walked past someone who wore the same perfume as an ex” Luce explains. “Sometimes breakups are so overwhelming that all your senses feel heightened in strange and unpredictable ways, and suddenly the smallest reminder of a person can set you off. When you are defenceless against the invisible and painful reminders of what could have been.”

It’s so easy to become besotted with Luce Rushton, especially with the intimacy and elevated appeal of the new single “How It Works”. The track starts with this delicate ambience, gentle stirs and notes picked into the fragile atmosphere whilst Luce emerges lyrically and lays the groundwork for this expressive ensemble.

Hooked on the strength of the words and the dynamic vocal range that moves with the ambience throughout. The melody heightens, and the instrumentation gently shifts to this commanding crescendo where all tones expand and offer this striking abundance. The delicate nature that kicked off the proceedings evolved into this crushing phenomenon and the structure strengthens in weight and size to back the cadence of the harmonies and showcase the power of Rushton and this emotive arrangement.

Across five tracks Luce paints an intimate, and at times wryly amusing, portrait of life as a young queer artist living in the capital at the start of the 21st century.

“The word slinky reminds me of the feminine clothes I would feel so uncomfortable in and at the same time the word makes me think of how free and malleable my gender feels to me now” Luce explains about the EPs title. “I am more comfortable with both femininity and masculinity now in a way I never was before and there is a slinkiness between them.” 

Renamed from TV Room, Luce’s latest  project and forthcoming EP

signify a shift towards a  more raw and mature songwriting. Her 26-year-old perspective engages in a harmonious dialogue with the words and melodies of her younger self, weaving together a collection of poignant moments. The songs featured on ‘Slinky’ offer intimate and relatable glimpses into Luce’s life, capturing vivid observations of grief, love and self-discovery. ‘Slinky’ serves as a deeply personal and vibrant narrative of a young artist’s journey of both personal and musical growth.

Luce’s debut EP, a labour of love spanning years, reflects their artistic growth. Produced by London’s Joseph Futak, the EP carries a distinct lo-fi indie rock vibe influenced by a range of musical genres. Inspired by artists like Big Thief and Courtney Barnett, Luce’s tracks offer a captivating blend of sounds calls “ear biscuits,” showcasing their unique guitar-led compositions and introspective lyrics.

Growing up in a small town near Manchester, Luce used music as their route out of the town. Buying a £20 guitar from cash converters when they were 15, they developed their amp-less sound on the landing of their parents’ home. Studying Popular Music at Goldsmiths University,  they became part of the legendary art school’s music scene, playing in a multitude of bands, not least Girl Ray, Sophie May, Prima Queen and Deep Tan and touring with the likes of Yard Act, Nation of Language, Bodega and The Big Moon.

Slinky EP:

Night Drive Through



Tiny Car

How It Works



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