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Trinket Release Debut EP “New Hobby” – Out Now via Sad Club Records | Release Feature

March 3, 2024
Photo Credit – Matthew Marino

Trinket Release Debut EP “New Hobby”

Out Now via Sad Club Records

New York trio Trinket have released their impressive debut EP “New Hobby”, the new 4-track record is out via London tastemakers, Sad Club Records.

This is the first release of ours, and the process of having this out in the world has been so emotional and special. I’ll never ever forget it. This is the first time I’ve gotten to work with people to create something from thin air and let myself follow through and share it regardless of the anxieties and fears that come from it. The process of making this has given the gift of meeting some of the most incredible friends in my bandmates. I don’t know if I could ever fully thank everyone who has helped make this happen enough.”

Originally started as a solo project for songwriter Madison Kate (vocals, guitar), she was quickly joined by like-minded friends Basil Lee (drums) and Nara Avakian (bass), as well as co-writer and occasional live member Sean Camargo, and Trinket was born.

The band’s name was chosen as it represents a strong sense of their sound, something tender and sentimental, and that quilts together their shared love of jangle pop, shoegaze, and twee. The Sarah Records bands that initially inspired them have proven to be a jumping off point for their first songs and recordings as the band explore their sound.

Listening to Heavenly, Brighter, Dolly Mixture and The Wake, this sound subconsciously weaved its way into what we started to write M.K. explains. “It feels so full circle to be working with a UK-based label on this release.”

The EP commences with the opener “Figure Skater”, immediately this reflective landscape opens up and allows this brighter lead guitar tone to dazzle as it Pitched notes bend through the captivating creation, adding to the magnitude of the direction of the ensemble. Continuously adding various depths to the composition, the bass notes pierce through the complexity with this rigorous enhancement. When all musicians unite for that hazy chorus which adds this intensive push in the aggression from all instrumentation, the track builds to this euphonous amalgamation. Throughout this voyage, M.K’s delectable harmonies glide with this ease through the robust structure flowing through and mixing emotion into the ensemble.

“Silver Thread” bursts into play with this sunnier disposition and post-punk roots, mirroring the elevated tones of a classic play from The Cure. Although the tones mirror that appeal, this track meanders to find its own unique identity. Compelling percussive pushes and this mighty bass low end join the fast-paced passages, a clear and characterful composition, towards its final few bars the notes change to alter a dynamic twist and once again the energy heightens.

“New Hobby” takes on a more punk-inspired influence, this arrangement becomes a staple for the musicians to let themselves loose on their aggression. It’s a quick-paced and consuming creation, filled with dazzling notes and this detailed bass layer, the track focuses on stop-start pushes and scratchy pitches before M.K. enigmatically switches the vocal harmonies and with so completely changes the mood of this track.

Finally, the EP finishes on “Halo 22“. The woozy landscape draws you in, once the sweeping rhythms and emotive harmonic push combine, this expressive creation boasts a wealth of hooks and complexity. The guitar tonality and looped driving passage create this hypnotic motion, joined with the fluctuating low end and the punchy percussive hits, Trinket‘s ability to form this immersive and vast soundscape exudes this lo-fi energy whilst experimental elements flourish.

Trinket has delivered this melancholic creation filled with intricate melodies and introspective lyrics, the intimacy of the words lifted by the vocal delivery. The harmonies explore this dynamic range whilst positioned through the squelchy and powerful shifts. As “Halo 22” moves towards this almighty influx in power, the musicians adapt the level of abrasiveness and add to this sonically explosive crescendo.

When the EP ends, you are left to appreciate the cathartic journey and placement of each creation, a record that distinguishes Trinket and its powerful vision. It’s an EP that bursts with intimacy, brightness, and darker notes, it continuously shifts to showcase the musicians in their creative element whilst they lyrically cover a ground that can be connected to.



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