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Olive Grinter Releases New Single “Murmurations” – Out Now via Rose Parade Recording Co | Single Feature

January 24, 2024

Olive Grinter Releases New Single “Murmurations”

Out Now via Rose Parade Recording Co

Debut Album Due This Year

Towards the tail end of 2023, another musical introduction came our way thanks to Rose Parade Recording Co. To discover Olive Grinter and this phenomenal debut single which was released via Rose Parade in November, Olive Grinter with this vivid creativity to hand, is truly establishing herself as a new voice in the UK folk scene. Now, Olive returns with the follow-up single “Murmurations”.

The first thing that impresses with the new single, is the strength of Olive’s vocal harmonies and the expressive nature of the tones and the range that Olive offers. From the get-go, the acoustic guitar strings pluck this steady movement and then the complex yet comforting vocal notes join, positioned with this immense power at the forefront of the ensemble.

The lyrics draw you in, presenting this clear landscape through the words and the resonating strings. The atmosphere embraces this volatile nature due to the minimalist instrumentation and the carefully layered vocals that shift, building up the intensity towards the final euphoric passage of the track. The addition of the layered melodies injects further hooks into this stunning arrangement, this composition oozes such an emotive connection from the musician to the audience. The reflective nature of the exploration continues to be key for this musician, the journey is one you can lose yourself within, one you can find comfort, and one you will return to. Intelligently creating a voyage that matches the song title.

Olive Grinter‘s distinct vocal approach and the immersive songwriting abilities that captivate your full attention, this level of concentrated clarity can be compared to the likes of the legendary Lisa Hannigan. That connection you felt when you first discovered an artist on the same parameters as Hannigan, Grinter is ready to grow the fanbase with the audience who can so easily connect to the compositions, but more importantly, find such soul within the harmonic delivery.

Discovering this musician, this level of excitement follows, you can embrace that Olive Grinter has so much to offer and with this track, the debut album is due to follow in early 2024 and we know it’s destined to be an essential release.

Of the album, Olive details: “These songs are reflections of conversations with myself and what I’d like to express to others. It’s a small part of a long journey. A reflection on how we see ourselves: within the chaos of life, within the chaos of connecting with those around us, and an attempt to spread kindness and support in the moments we need them most. It is a warm embrace, open arms, a hug.”

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