BEAR TRADE RELEASE ‘BLEEDIN HEART TROUBLE’ MUSIC VIDEO- Debut album ‘Blood And Sand’ out this week

May 6, 2014


Debut album ‘Blood And Sand’ out this week

Tour with Iron Chic in progress

(Everything Sucks Music / Dead Broke Rekerds)

“‘Bleedin Heart Trouble’ fucking riiiiiiiiips.” – Noisey 
“Best served with chips and gravy.” – Kerrang! (4/5)
“some of the most uplifting melodic songs you’ll hear this year” – Rock Sound (8/10)
“Rousing, passionate debut.” – Big Cheese (9/10)

Having premiered on the BBC Radio 1 Reviews Show last week, Bear Trade’s ‘Bleedin’ Heart Trouble’ now has its very own music video featuring bassist Lloyd Chambers’ offspring. Vocalist Greg Robson says of the song “There is a time to grieve and a time to move on. I’m a sentimental type at heart but I try to stay positive. What I wouldn’t give to be as carefree as I was when I was 7.”

A positive-vibe-inducing but sometimes cynically bittersweet, sharp and snappy journey through Bear Trade’s enviably simple outlook on life is evidenced in every track of their debut album ‘Blood And Sand’, from which ‘Bleedin’ Heart Trouble’ is taken. Throughout the album, the band’s roots in the North East of England and their everyday life experiences there are more than apparent, both through Robson’s undeniable vocal accent and through lyrical content. ‘Don’t Forget You’re Going To Die’ is about how weird it is living in an industrial town 20 years after said industry was removed. As Robson says of the local folk, “Everyone is pissed off and they don’t know why.” Bassist Lloyd Chambers chimes in “I guess the lyrics and way they are sung are unashamedly in the local tongue and pronunciation.”

The record was released this week just as Bear Trade headed off on tour with Long Islanders Iron Chic, who they fondly refer to as their brothers.


May 6 Edinburgh Teviot (w/ Iron Chic)

May 7 Manchester Star And Garter (w/ Iron Chic)

May 8 Bristol The Exchange (w/ Iron Chic)

May 9 Southampton WTFest

May 10 Kings Lynn Ye Olde Maydens Heade

May 16 Leeds Santiagos (w/ Red City Radio)

June 6 Newport Le Pub

June 7 Norwich The Owl Sanctuary

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