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Rad Releases 23 – Emily Magpie

December 21, 2023

Rad Releases 23 – Emily Magpie

Our annual end-of-year feature is finally here, the time we enjoy the most where we spend the final two weeks of the year discussing the music that made 2023 special. Our Rad Releases feature is now in its 13th year, and we love sharing the site with musicians, labels, and promoters as we discuss their year in music. We take a personal look back on familiar names’ most loved releases of the past 12 months. It’s a time we enjoy and look forward to, through the contributions we get to find new music discoveries, and releases we may have missed throughout the year. 

Next up, we hand over to an artist who we’ve seen excel and progress in their vision and releases over 6 years. Following a triumphant debut album in 2020, Emily Magpie returned this year with one of the most powerful EP releases we’ve experienced. “She” in June and marked the first release Emily has done with the label Def Pressé. We are so excited to speak with Emily to find out more about her year in music.

  • Top Releases

Anna Wise- Subtle Body Dawn (album)

Listening to her music for me is a spiritual experience. I’d probably say that about most of my favourite artists, especially when you can feel they’re tapped into something other.

Anna B Savage- in|FLUX (album)

I’d heard of her before but hadn’t had a deep listen, then this album came out and wow. It’s my current ADHD listen on repeat-fest. Production is insane too, so inspiring and nuanced.

Kimbra- Save Me

Kimbra is such an awesome artist. This song and Replay! I adore. So vulnerable and honest.

Tertia- Infrared

I mastered this track for Tertia and fell in love with her music! This track is such a bop. She’s great! And has an EP on the way so follow her.

((( O ))) – Sanctuary

I’ve loved this artist for ages. She’s another spiritual experience vibe. This song is about the womb / periods and it’s amazing.

  • The best show you have played this year/gig attended

We played an amazing night at Rough Trade Bristol- A Bjork inspired Queer Cabaret. It was our band, loads of amazing drag queens and performers all doing their take on Bjork songs. The most fun ever! One queen re-enacted the famous interview of Bjork explaining the inside of a TV. Incredible.

  • Your own highlight of the year

My EP ‘She’ getting played on BBC 6 on four different shows! And having Deb Grant and Tom Ravenscroft chat about it on a video on Instagram. It’s been such an incredible year for firsts like that, I’m so grateful to be working with my wonderful label Def Pressé and be experiencing my music be received in such a great way. I spend so long writing and producing my music, absorbed in those worlds. I love the moments where it zooms out and this thing you’ve created grows legs in the world outside your mind / studio. It’s the most beautiful thing to have others connect with what you create and very satisfying.

  • Has there been any record that’s got you through this year?

Actually one of Anna Wise’s older releases- As If It Were Forever. It came out in 2019 but I only discovered it this year and have been playing her music non stop. Nerve is my morning tune! There is so much wisdom, magic and feminine power surging through the music she releases, it feels like it infuses you when you listen. I love music that you feel like you learn from when you listen, it’s like listening to a philosopher or monk. And I’m obsessed with the rawness of the production, the textures. So it ticks a ton of boxes for me as a human and a producer!

  • Best musical discovery this year?

MYTBE. I’ve talked about her a bit in previous interviews, I mastered an EP of hers earlier this year (I also do some engineering / producing for other artists) and it’s such a breath of fresh air. I believe it’ll be out next year and I’m so excited for her and to see how it does. When you work on a lot of other artists music you get to hear all sorts of amazing and interesting tracks but hers have really stuck with me as something I’d listen to / am inspired by.

  • Artist/Band to watch for 2024

The Last Dinner Party are getting massive! They probably are already on people’s watch list but I played ‘Nothing Matters’ over and over. Would love to see them live!

  • Plans for the New Year

Next year is looking to be a spicy one… Got an album coming out April 12th with Def Pressé which we’re all very excited about! I can’t say too much but I’m very proud of it and we’ve got lots lined up for it’s release 🙂 starting in January with singles. Follow me on socials, etc to keep in the loop!

Thank you so much for spending the time with us, that album has got us excited!!

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