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Luce Rushton Returns With New Single “Night Drive Through” – Out Now On Sad Club Records

September 6, 2023
Photo Credit: Jody Evans 


Songwriter and musician, Luce Ruston is back, following up her acclaimed string of singles from earlier this year with her brand-new track ‘Night Drive Through’, out now on Sad Club Records (John Myrtle, Ellie Bleach, Symbol Soup).

Intimate and evocative, ‘Night Drive Through’ draws on the likes of War on Drugs, Boy Genius and (Luce’s hero) Courtney Barnett to create a sublime piece of late-night bedroom rock which oozes confusion and joy in equal measure.

Night Drive Through is about the paranoia I felt in a new relationship thinking of all the ways it could end” Luce Explains. “Being gay, I never thought I would ever find love and so when I did I was convinced at first it was someone playing a prank on me. Although a love song, I wanted this song to show how every event was clouded by fear. I tried to write a happy song about love, so it begins as a classic pining love song but then it just descends into this panic about death and separation creeping closer as the song continues.”

Luce Rushton delivers this broad landscape and consuming atmosphere, the tonality sweeps into focus and immediately dazzles. Whilst the structure forms and provides this expressive backdrop, Rushton gives this heartfelt and raw lyrical journey where the harmonies alter and proudly exude charm and complexity. Throughout the release, the track simply resonates with this sincerity and this form of freedom, boundaries are diminished and this unpredictable voyage keeps the audience hooked.

The brand-new track also marks the first time Luce is releasing music under her new stage name, having previously released music under the banner TV Room.

The name change from TV Room to Luce Rushton has really helped to refine the project to become something that reflects me as a musician. I’m finding my voice as a solo artist and the music is evolving throughout this transition, so it feels nice to have the name so directly linked to my identity, but more androgynous. It just felt right

Growing up in a small town near Manchester, Luce used music as her route out of the town. Buying a £20 guitar from cash converters when she was 15, she developed her amp-less sound on the landing of her parents’ home. Studying Popular Music at Goldsmiths University,  she became part of the legendary art school’s music scene, playing in a multitude of bands, not least Deep Tan and Buggs, and touring with the likes of Yard Act, Nation of Language, Bodega and The Big Moon.

Live Shows

September 12th – The Shacklewell Arms (supporting Green Gardens)

September 21st – The Ivy House (supporting lilo)


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