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Hilang Child Returns With New Single “Lapwings” – Out Now | Single Feature

September 8, 2023

Hilang Child Returns With New Single “Lapwings”

Out Now

Throughout the unknown of 2020, Hilang Child, the alias of musician Ed Riman, kept us enthralled and dedicated to the album that was teased throughout that year, in January 2021 Hilang Child released one of the most powerful, intimate and moving records of our time. Celebrating the release of the 11-track album Every Mover, which was out via Bella Union, Hilang Child crafted a painstakingly beautiful album that followed the hearts of the listeners throughout that time, one that continues to enrich our lives time and time again. The 11-track album showcases Hilang Child’s progression as one of the most vital artists.

Following the release, Hilang Child had a couple of years away while playing drums for other artists and studying for a master’s in climate change. Whilst managing the immense enormity of those responsibilities, Hilang Child has also been working on new material. Today, we are thrilled to share the brand new single “Lapwings” which has been unleashed into the world. The new track was co-written and co-produced with Will Bloomfield (Alfie Templeman, The Vaccines, Freya Ridings, Professor Green) and marks the first in a string of upcoming singles funded by both PRS and Help Musicians, with a new album said to be in the making for next year.

Speaking of the new single-

“Lapwings is about celebrating the things or activities which help to ground you when you’re overwhelmed. For me that ‘thing’ is birdwatching; it brought me so much calm in difficult times when the world has been on top of me. The lapwing is one of my favourite birds, and the seabirds I sing about are a reminder of meditative times I’ve had alone on remote islands, finding pure joy in the simplicity of watching them above water. Life is pretty difficult for a lot of people at the moment with things like the cost of living crisis, the bombardment of anxiety-inducing news media, brands vying for our attention and various social expectations placed on us. I wrote this as a reminder for myself what I need to regularly stop, tap out and just immerse myself in the things I find joyful”

Ed manages to create such tender atmospheres, one which relishes in this connection, connecting to the audience, connecting to the environment all of which are conveyed through the raw lyrics, the delicate harmonies and the tonality. This is present through every attribute of the new single, “Lapwings” which marks a welcome return for such a vital artist. Hilang Child delivers this essential ensemble that will move the audience, elevating the listener, the atmosphere emerges and brings a path of warmth before the percussion builds and the rhythm pierces into play, the track moves with this swaying effect and with each wave there is an increase in the intensity, carefully these waves crash into the journey and shift the track from these immersive passages to euphoric explosive peaks.

This is a stunning single, leading to this vibrant crescendo with the sultry addition of the wind brass influx, the arrangement carefully directs the complexity through the structure and yet still produces soul and sincerity whilst the instrumentation grows stronger.

Welcome back Hilang Child, the fans are ready to rejoice in the compelling tones and effecting textures of this innovative artist. There is a real refreshing burst of energy with the new track and that vivid energy is enough to install excitement for the new music to come.

The new single marks a fresh reset for Hilang Child as this new sound sees him ditching the keyboard and understates tones, instead leaning into his acknowledgement that he’s always been first and foremost a drummer who grew up on upfront, upbeat music. Now performing and singing from the drums, the new style is described as the most genuine to himself that he’s ever been, and the moist he’s enjoyed writing and performing his own music.



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