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Sparkling Announce New Single “Hey Hey Hey”- New Album “We Are Here To Make You Feel” out October 27th on Moshi Moshi

August 7, 2023




SPARKLING shares their latest single ‘Hey Hey Hey’, a forerunner from their forthcoming album We Are Here To Make You Feel, out October 27th on Moshi Moshi.

‘Hey Hey Hey’ is a shot of serotonin from the sweaty, shoulder-to-shoulder bars and basements of Cologne, Germany. The track’s electro-pop effervescence draws on a kind of magic rarely encountered since Phoenix, Passion Pit and MIKA: a testament to the power of a simple idea executed well. Its rollicking guitars fizz with tension, which builds and builds until its glorious finale pops open in a burst of catharsis and champagne.

Speaking on the track, the band share: “This song should feel like a warm hug. It’s about freeing yourself from loneliness and anxiety by spending time with someone. Sometimes the only thing that helps to get out of your own destructive headspace is to go out, get company, and do something out of your comfort zone.

‘Hey Hey Hey’ is the successor to the album’s title track, which leans into life’s simple joys with reckless abandon. Its rousing, sky-punching chorus is a much-needed shortcut to optimism. 

Sparkling brings this euphoric attitude to the infectious release. A track that consumes the audience with the intoxicating vibes, the experiential attributes and this hypnotic melodic movement. The quick-paced tempo shifts throughout the soundscape as the passages and scale alter with gritty intensity. This dazzling cadence of effects throughout keeps this elevated, pumped-up emphasis on the composition and that becomes this powerful hook.

Building on their experience touring with Metronomy, their new album, We Are Here To Make You Feel, is a glimmering widescreen world where emotions are writ large, the group dealing in rousing choruses, twinkling synth toplines and an incessant desire to keep things propelling forward at pace. It’s a breathless expansion of the foundations laid by their debut LP I Want to See Everything and follow up EP, 2022´s This Is My Life / Das Ist Mein Leben / C´est Ma Vie which was produced by Al Doyle and Joe Goddard of Hot Chip.“We Are Here To Make You Feel is an album about the importance of expressing your emotions,” the group say. “It’s about love in every kind of way. Love for your friends, lovers and family. It’s a reminder to tell your loved ones, that you love them. On this record, we wanted to say that in the most honest and straightforward way possible.”

SPARKLING’s multi-linguality and experience of living and playing in different European countries remains key to their identity. The album itself was recorded across several different terrains and locations – mostly in Germany, Belgium, France and England. Avoiding conventional spaces where possible, the trio concocted makeshift spaces in locations as varied as an old train station in a Belgian village, and an abandoned school in the middle of France.

SPARKLING – We Are Here To Make You Feel + // Moshi Moshi – October 27th

1. We Are Here To Make You Feel
2. Hey Hey Hey
3. I Love You So 
4. I Get Sad So Easily
5. One Day
6. I Want To Go To France
7. Here For A Reason
8. It’s All Fine
9. Don’t Let Go 

Tour Dates:

November 2nd | Münster, DE – Gleis 22
November 3rd | Hamburg, DE – Uebel & Gefährlich
November 4th  | Berlin, DE – Marie-Antoinette
November 6th  | Munich, DE – Milla
November 7th  | Mainz, DE – Schon Schön
November 6th  | Cologne, DE – Gebäude 9
November 15th | De Gudde Wellen, Luxembourg
November 16th | KulturA, Liege
November 17th | Supersonic, Paris

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