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Hyll Release Debut Album “Sŵn o’r Stafell Arall” – Out Now via JigCal Records | Release Feature

August 1, 2023

Hyll Release Debut Album “Sŵn o’r Stafell Arall”

Out Now via JigCal Records

Ending July on an absolute high, Hyll have just released their standout debut album ‘Sŵn o’r Stafell Arall’. The new 10-track album was officially released Friday 28th July via JigCal Records and was celebrated at the album launch show the same evening at Clwb Ifor Bach.

With the ear drums just calming now from the show, the album release signals this impressive milestone for the quartet. The Cardiff-based band follow up their 2021 EP with this bold and brash new collection of tracks, a record filled with immense tones and this compelling character that draws you in whilst this atmosphere expands and provides countless hooks. Whilst this dynamic selection of tracks proudly conveys this illustrious attitude from the outfit as they give a nod to their musical influences such as Nick Cave, Pavement, Dinosaur Jr etc, whilst creating a record unique to their own.

The band explains: “It‘s fair to say that time is a strong theme on the album, the confusing limbo between being a teenager and growing up to be an adult.”

Hyll commences their album with their gritty opener Bore Dydd Gwener. The scratchy guitar leads the rhythmic journey accompanied by the very direct vocals, placed with this amplification to be the captivating feature of this ensemble. When the scale changes and the lyrics expand with the melody, the daring bass notes join the structure, accompanied by the crisp drum shuffles and this sunnier rhythmic guitar tone. Hanner Marathon breaks the intensity and delivers a brighter, full-bodied composition. The track embraces this melodic commitment and relishes within this anthemic environment, united with the multiple vocal notes and explosive angular textures.

Hyll are at its strongest when they delve into this indie flourish, capturing that early 00s magic and melancholic movement and lacing their vision with that accessible connection.

As the album flows, Hyll expands its vocal drive by shifting to this almost call-and-response influence throughout Mewn Cariad, the outfit’s expressive flair enhances whilst this more mighty vision grows. Mike embraces this rich tonality and raucous drive, the energy hooks you, the attitude from Hyll devours the listener, and this is the track that showcases the strength of the musicians. The bass scale and complex textures light up the hypnotic cadence and the vibrant riffs simply explode.

Throughout the record Hyll continuously shifts the power, embracing experimental elements and keeping the audience on their toes with the energetic appeal. Letting more fuzzier effects dominate the landscape, fearlessly lacing more and more layers to their dense world. The textures grow from fascination to fervor. The post-punk touch in the tonality of North Parade consumes you, bringing this excitement to the soundscape and allowing the 4-piece to embrace another influence whilst delivering this striking vivacity.

Sŵn o’r Stafell Arall boasts this sonically exhilarating album where every transition is seamless yet startling. A debut that dramatically delivers such frenetically catchy arrangements. The energy is infectious and the quality of these tracks captures the band’s unparalleled attitude and unrelenting drive.

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