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Silent Forum Releases New Single “Treat Yourself” – Out Now via Libertino Records | Single Special

July 11, 2023
Photo By Bethan Miller

Silent Forum Releases New Single “Treat Yourself”

Out Now via Libertino Records

Back in May, summer felt truly upon us when Silent Forum returned with their dazzling new single “Cat Pose“, a track which propelled the outfit to feature on national radio and end up on some immense playlists. The single marked the triumphant return of the Cardiff (via various cities across the world) based band. The quartet currently splits their time between Cardiff, London, Bristol and Barcelona, but to know they’ve been working on new material and the quality of that material being released, the distance and time have been worth it for the 4-piece.

The time between the previous release from Silent Forum has given the outfit time to expand on their ideas, their expressive nature and refine their immense energy, all of which have propelled their 2023 record efforts into a completely new light. Silent Forum are brighter, bolder and ready to deliver such impressive tunes.

Today, they release their new single “Treat Yourself” which has already been described as their most unashamedly poppy single to date. The new single is out now via Libertino Records and is a mixture of revealing, uncomfortable lyrics paired with animated, uplifting pop instrumentation.

To accompany the single, the band have just shared their vibrant new video-

The track commences with this build of tones sweeping into the soundscape and almost hyping up what is ready to follow. The initial tones make way for the musicians to join, immediately the structure and catchy melody resonates with this almost post-punk touch due to the brooding tonality which emerges. This fused with the full-bodied rich melodic movement completely consumes the listener, a combination of delirious hooks ensues which Silent Forum latch to a seemingly darker contrast, touching on this mesmeric tonal choice.

The lyrics are raw, rising to the front of the exploration and allowing the listener to connect to the emotive currents whilst the track digresses into more rhythmic passages. As the journey shifts through such a wealth of textures, eventually brighter tonality shifts and surges whilst the complex bass adds this abrasive, cutting low-end, especially to the break-downs when the gritty and distinct bass comes into its own. The vocal notes simply dazzle when accompanied by the surging additional vocal harmonies, elevating the words with this impressive intensive push.

Silent Forum are here to showcase their maturity in all they do, listen to the lyrics, embrace the lyrics, and the affection that exudes from this composition has this connective appeal and ability to move the listener and their own world.

Silent Forum are here, on top form and taking 2023 by storm!




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